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Questions tagged [electric-power]

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Bosch eBike wiring diagram, where to find?

My RieseMüllerPackster80 refused to start today. I guess there is a bad connection somewhere but as all I could do was plugging the battery and computer in and out, I am not wiser whether cabling has ...
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Are Magura HS33e levers compatible with HS22 brakes?

I plan to convert a bike with Magura HS22 hydraulic brakes to electric. Thus I would like to replace the brake lever by one having the controller output to stop the motor while braking. From my ...
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Fitting a CycloTricity E kit to a Sirrus Elite

The instructions are clear and accompanied by photographs of the procedures. However in attempting to fit the motor wheel into the forks of the Sirrus I find that the motor spindle is wider than the ...
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