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Roadside repair: how to use a screw-on Presta pump on a tube with a removable valve core

I found the question How to keep Presta valve insert from detaching after inflation? but none of the answers are helpful because this happened to me in the middle of a ride on a rental bike. All I ...
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What should I put in a bicycle emergency patch kit for situations more severe than a common puncture? [duplicate]

If my bicycle breaks such as my spoke failure which lead to total tube rupture (but it could lots of possibilities) and I don't have any means to have whole bicycle carried, how can I achieve a ...
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Is there a roadside workaround for a freehub that won't engage reliably?

I had a lucky escape from a long walk on Saturday: 50km from home or 20km via a train, my freehub suddenly wouldn't engage - the pedals span as freely forwards as backwards. I tried dropping the back ...
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I read that "training is needed" before your voice can replace a horn. Why might this be?

In a discussion about very-loud bicycle horns, alex wrote that he uses his voice. He added that it works well and is always ready to use. And then he added: "And, yes, training is needed." If I ...
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Why are emergency inflation cartridges filled with CO2?

Why aren't they filled with ambient air using air compressors? Isn't compressing ambient air cheaper than generating CO2? If it is, then those cartridges would have two benefits: Cheaper to ...
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What's the smallest possible tube that will work with my bikes?

I've seen questions concerning tube size but I haven't found anything matching what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to buy a few tubes to keep around for trails-side emergencies when mountain biking....
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How to select cog for emergency single speed conversion with a broken derailleur

I broke the rear derailleur on my surly karate monkey recently. I had the bike setup 2x9. I decided to try and get home by converting to single speed via trail side repair (made easier by the ...
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Repairing a twisted front rim in emergency?

The front rim got somewhat twisted. I do not have here the rimmer or the small tools to adjust the pins. According to my friend's version, the outer tire and the inner tire are in fine condition. The ...
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Good substitutes for WD-40 in emergency situation?

I broke my bike in a poor location where I can only find poor rusted bikes. I am switching to one bike with rusted screws, I am trying to get things such as touring back rack and water-bottle holders ...
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