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Better climbing on a road bike with changed bigger cassette and smaller crank?

Looking for the advice of professionals. Maybe common question from a dummy cyclist, but… Problem: I have an endurance Trek Domane SL6 2023 bike Shimano Ultegra groupset with crank 50/34t, and ...
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Which is best combination for my 34T chainring, a 11-42t or 11-51t cassette

I am a newbie enduro rider and also i love riding rough terrain uphills, my question is which set of cogs will be more efficient on my riding dicipline. 11-42t or 11-51t 11 speed cassette. Also, I am ...
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Specialized Roubaix 2012 vs 2021 FujiSportif 1.1? [closed]

What is the tradeoff between a used Carbon bike vs a new aluminum bike? Would the answer be different if the carbon bike is less cost with better components?
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Can I fit 25 MM tires on Bontrager Paradigm Comp 25 wheels? [duplicate]

I am switching from a tubeless 32mm tire to a 25mm tire set with tubes. The tubeless is messy and with the number of flats we experience I feel going back to tubes will be easier.
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Why are endurance bikes so bulky or wide nowadays?

I have been visiting lately some shops checking for a new endurance bike and at the same trying some more "racy" models. For example by Canyon or by Rose. I really like the race models, but ...
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What are some key road flat pedal bicycle adjustments that affect neck strain?

Over time I grew to understand that different adjustments (saddle, handlebars, pedals, stem) affect different parts of the body. Often multiple at ones and often indirectly - by altering something ...
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Dynamo, Difference between trans am and tour divide

Mike hall used dynamo on his tour divide record. He didn't use dynamo on his trans am record. What would be the differentiating factor to use or not to use dynamo? My guess is that trans am route ...
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Find out where long distance/endurance riders stopped to sleep, from spot trackers?

I'd like to participate in Tour divide. One of the hard part is planning where to sleep. Especially hard when you have to research those from abroad. (I'm from south korea) I realized they carry a ...
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What is the minimum carb intake to not bonk (but also not put on weight)?

Going on long bike rides (or otherwise doing any form of endurance workout) can result in "hitting the wall" or "bonking". The well-known solution is to be mindful of one's carb ...
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How much hydration is enough hydration during long rides?

I have been doing some experiments to see if I'm hydrating enough during rides of moderate length and intensity. Basically, I weigh myself (naked) and my water bottles before and after a ride, to ...
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Should I use a Trek Domane SL5 for touring?

I am planning for one week/ two weeks long bike touring, mostly on the road with a moderate amount of riding uphill (mainly in Japan). My weight is around 60kg. All of my touring gear won't exceed 10 ...
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What would short distance training do for my endurance performance?

Due to limited time I've been working on short intervals (generally 1-6 minute repetitions) and the longest ride I've done in 4 months is 90 minutes which, while I've been pushing on the climbs, I ...
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What are the most comfortable endurance bib shorts these days? [closed]

I generally ride for 30-70 miles each outing and am wanting to get a couple pairs of quality, comfortable bib shorts for summer weather. I tried on a couple Castellis but the fit just isn’t right and ...
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Why does my bike make too much sound if I am in the top 3 gears in the back and large gear in the front?

I have a Cannondale Synapse SE 105. Whenever I go downhill I tend to shift into combination of top (smallest ring) gears in back and large gear in front. My bike just makes so much amount of noise ...
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Is it possible to do 50 km distance without any previous training?

I'm considering to do a 50-55 km distance on a mixed surface. Mostly asphalt and gravel, maybe even a little bit of sand. Haven't done any training or exercise, basically been sitting at home all day, ...
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Fasted training - is it worth it? Is it different when the focus is endurance?

One thing I notice riding with an endurance-focussed club is that I need more, and more frequent, feeding than many of the more experienced riders. As I start to think about longer days (e.g. 400km) ...
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