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When does power meter accuracy matter?

For a given use case power meter accuracy may or may not matter. Here are two use cases: BikeRumor - Power Meters Explained No matter which power meter you land on, the most important aspect is ...
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For Biking do Sneakers offer any advantage over Sandals?

I live in a tropical country. We have only two seasons. A rainy season that lasts for 4 months and a summer lasting the remaining 8 months. The maximum and minimum temperatures are 36 and 20 degrees ...
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Found at an Estate sale [closed]

I have an opportunity to buy this bicycle. No idea what it is or what its worth. Any help would be appreciated
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Post race analysis of performance

So I did my first bicycle race this weekend. The watts graph was very varied, there was a lot of low watt (150-200w) and short bursts of +400w. I would like to know how many bursts there where, and ...
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How can I evaluate a used road bike i intend to buy?

I intend to buy a used road bike, but don't know anything about bikes. So how can I buy a good one with a reasonable price? How can I evaluate the one I intend to buy? Thank you
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How do I test ride a bike that I'm looking at buying?

There are questions telling me what to look for in a new bike or a second hand one, and things to look for during my test ride, but nothing about what I should actually do during my test ride. That ...
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How to objectively evaluate torque wrenches?

My local bicycle group bought very nice but very expensive torque wrenches (if I can remember right they cost about €300–500). My local discount store markets them for about €50. My local auction site ...
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A test ride for a new bicycle

Update... What should I actually do on the test drive? The LBS has been kind enough to allow me to try out a brand new bicycle. What things should I consider when test riding bikes that I am ...
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How do you evaluate and choose chain lubricants?

Terms such as wet/dry/xyz/winter/summer/autumn lubricants are not well defined. I find it very hard to determine which bottle is worth buying, spray, bottled, wax, parafin, purple, green, Y (other ...
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