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2 answers

Is it normal to pass out after over exerting oneself? [closed]

I'm 57 here's my deal, let's say a block long quick sprint. At the end of that sprint, can't catch my breath, tunnel vision, pass out, wake up on the sidewalk. Any clues?
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Causes for feeling fatigued after 15 miles [closed]

I used to be able to ride 50 miles a day 3 to 4 days a week. I had lung cancer and had a lobectomy in August 2020. By April of 2021 while living in Washington DC I rode 40 miles without a problem just ...
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11 votes
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Does carbon fiber not have a fatigue life?

I’ve heard carbon fiber “has no fatigue life”, meaning it doesn’t weaken from (intended) use, as long as it is free of defects and damage. But there are a lot of different types of carbon fiber… I was ...
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Do forged alloy crank arms suffer from age-related fatigue?

Alloy does have not have a fatigue limit. Does that mean that forged alloy crank arms have a theoretical end of life? Should I worry about 40 year old crank arms? Could someone with a little knowledge ...
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Cause of broken spokes (pictures included)

I never had this problem before. Two spokes on the drive side of my road bike's rear wheel broke at the J bend, and I'm trying to identify the cause. The wheel has 32 spokes total, made of steel, ...
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Safe to use 10-speed wheel in a aluminum frame bike made for a 7-speed

I have a '91 Trek aluminum road bike which was originally equipped with a 7-speed drivetrain. I upgraded the drivetrain on another bike, so I transferred the old 10-speed drivetrain, to the Trek. The ...
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