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A hub with threads on both sides so that the wheel can be reversed for different gearing options.

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Which tool is required to remove an 8 notch freewheel from a single-speed flip-flop hub?

I have a single speed freewheel on a flip-flop hub that I would like to remove to service the hub. It has 8 notches, which tool do I need to remove the freewheel? Here is a picture of it on the bike: ...
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How should I reinstall parts on my axle when I forgot what order they were in?

I got carried away while disassembling/removing the freewheel, hub, cones, washers, and nuts on my rear wheel's axle, and now I'm not quite sure how it all goes back together. I was a fool and didn't ...
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27" x 1 1/4" back flip flop wheel or track wheel(rear)

I'm looking for a good wheel, I don't know much about brands and what's reputable. I'm replacing my back wheel because it's a suicide hub set up by a local bike shop(cheap short term fix) I'm ...
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How to get the rear wheel off Pure Cycles bike

We tried for hours to get the rear wheel off this bike using wrenches and hammers. Then I noticed this screw that looks like it attaches straight to the rear axle. Do we need to undo this screw? Its ...
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Noise when pedalling uphill?

I have a bike that recently began riding again after many years. It is a flip-flop hub. When on the fixie side, there is no noise. When on the freewheel side, there is a grind when riding uphill. I ...
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What type of wheel fits a 700x38 tire

I have a Kent brand fixie bike with 700x38c tires and I am looking for a new front wheel what size should I buy
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Fixed/free hub for 12mm TA frame?

I'm building an SSCX bike around a Brodie Romax SS frame which uses a 135x12mm thru-axle at the rear. I was hoping to be able to use a flip-flop hub so that I can run it SS for 'cross and fixed for ...
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Single Speed/Fixie Wheels with cup and cone bearings

I need to replace the wheels on my cheap single speed/fixie bike (similar to a mango or purefix bike). The current wheels are 700 diameter deep-v style rims with Quando hubs that use cup and cone ...
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Convert fixed side of flip flop hub to freewheel

I have a flip flop hub and I'd like to convert the fixed side to be free wheel. Is this possible? If so how much might it cost? My motivation for this is that: I never ride fixie I'm running a 46/16 ...
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Can we turn a fixie bike into a freewheeler?

I'm new to the fixie world. I'm planning to buy a fixie bike though, but to start right away would be difficult especially when I'm pedaling down hill. Is it possible to change the fixie bike into the ...
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My rear bike wheel is wobbling back and forth when I ride

My rear bike wheel is wobbling back and forth when I ride. Nothing that I have done has worked and I was told that it was gonna cost $100 or more to fix. what do I do to fix it properly?
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Do I have all needed for flip flop swap

Forgive my ignorance, but I have a 2011 Bianchi Pista that I've always ridden fixed. I knew that it had a flip flop hub, but now that I'm looking at it, it appears that I need to actually buy a ...
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Can I use an old cog for my new hub?

I have an old wheelset with a 16T cog. It's currently a 120mm flipflop hub, and I'm going to be replacing it with a 120mm coaster. The coaster hub that I want doesn't come with a 16T cog (only 14, 15 ...
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Is it ok to use fixed gear threads for a freewheel?

I have a fixed/fixed flip-flop hub and the lockring threads are stripped out on one side. Would I be ok to just thread a single-speed freewheel on that side and use it as a fixed/free hub?
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