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Questions about bikes that are designed to fold or collapse for ease of storage.

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I used acid to clean rust from parts on resto project. Should I worry about hydrogen embrittlement?

I have a 1970s U-folder type bike which was very crusty when I acquired it. I removed the rust by soaking the parts in lemon juice for between 24-72 hours, depending on the part. Something I wasn't ...
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upgrade traditional saddle clamp (not seat tube clamp)?

I'm currently restoring my folding bike and it has a large diameter (34 mm/1.34 in) seatpost that tapers to the standard 22 mm/0.87 in diameter at the end. The bike currently uses that traditional ...
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Old raleigh folder

Somebody gave me a raleigh folder.Despite being left outside for several years it runs smooth and tyres stay up!!I was just wondering about the folding hinge-see pics.Is it just the thumb nut that is ...
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Adjustable Andros-like stem for 31.8 handlebar

I have used the Tern Andros stem system and got one with it well. Recently I acquired a Riese and Muller folding bike, which has an adjustment system which (for me) is less comfortable. It puts the ...
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Folding bike rear derailleur upgrade help

Hey guys, I have the Tern Link B7 7 speed folding bike. It has 11-28T casette (you can see it in the picture) and I want to upgrade it to 14-34T one. So I bought the casette but the stock rear ...
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Kids trailer (Weber hitch) on a folding bike (Tern Link)

Is it possible to attach a kids trailer (a Thule Chariot) on a folding bike? As I already have 2 bikes with a Weber hitch, I would prefer to use that on the folding bike as well. Currently, I want to ...
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