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Updating drivetrain: Powertap to Force AXS - Powertap hub Compatibility?

I have a Zipp 808 20H wheel with a Powertap hub running a 10-speed cassette. I’m looking to get SRAM Force AXS, can I put a XD or XDR free hub on and run the 12 speed cassette? Or must I get a ...
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What is the maximum force that an average bicycle chain sprocket can withstand?

I want to use bicycle chain sprockets for a non-bicycle related project and I'm trying to figure out what is the maximum torque I can apply. I did a quick calculation taking a real life example - I ...
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How strong is a chain link? How about half a chain link?

I had some intermittent clanking noise on yesterday's ride, thought the chain just needed cleaning and derailleur aligning. But got home to find that one side of one chain link had broken, so only the ...
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Standard forces on a bike frame

Let's say I was going to design a bike frame for a specific size of individual. I'd start with some basic frame geometries, then I assume I'd calculate the necessary member sizes, stiffnesses, etc. by ...
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Convert SRAM Force 11 to single chainring

I bought a bike with an SRAM Force 11 groupset a few years ago and my local bike guy says I'll have to replace the cassette soon. I only use the large chainring in front and that's apparently why I've ...
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What is the working mechanism of Shimano Power Modulator?

How does the Shimano Power Modulator works? Since there are at least 3 power modulators from Shimano, I refer to the SM-PM40, a little cylinder that runs on the front brake cable. I never had the ...
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