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Manufacturer of suspension systems and mountain bike clothing

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Fox DHX2 servicing, Need advice on oil

looks like DHX2 2021 runs with 4wt oil. If I top it up with 5wt? How silly it would be? Need it done asap so just looking for shortcuts... Thanks in advance
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Can I put a I fox 40 on 2018 Commencal Supreme SX?

I recently bought a Commencal supreme SX, which came with a double crown fork. The bike was a really good deal and I had never had a dh bike. This was one of my only selections, so let me know if I ...
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A coworker has abandoned mountain biking for Moro-cross. He gave me the option to buy this bike. I am not sure it’s value [closed]

Specialized FSR Camber WSBC601 096687M BI 2542 8 SEM Size Medium
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What is this fox fork front axle part called and where can I find a replacement?

I've got a fox 36 talas RC2 from year 2006 and it's missing one of those black threaded inserts that pinches the front axle : the part is M5 threaded, and approx. 28mm x 8.05mm How is this called and ...
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Why does Fox specify to fix the lever in an upright position, on a Rhythm 34 fork that uses a Through-Axle?

I vaguely remember that "conventional wisdom" states that closed QR levers on MTB forks should point towards the back of the bike (see Which direction should QR lever point? or What is the proper ...
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Alternative tools for servicing a Fox fork 2016+

Official tools are too expensive. I mean lower leg removal, seal driver and seal extractor tools. Forks with new seals from 2016 onwards. Which alternative tools do you use? My fork: 2017 Fox 32 ...
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Is the FOx TALAS 32 RLC suitable for reasonable jumps, ligh DH?

Here is the details of the suspension: FOx TALAS 32 RLC At the end it sais, that INTENDED USE is XC, AM. Not exactly sure what AM means, I have a few light enduro trails nearby, and the biggest jump ...
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Fox Talas FIT RLC 32 - broken lock and problem with the right leg

I just finished my first Marathon race today, it was super cool, the best MTB experience in my life -- but there was a super frustrating part. Something broke in my fork right leg, and now that one ...
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