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2 answers

Order of setting up new shifting system

I'm getting close to being finished with my Trek 520 frame-up build (with custom drivetrain). The only thing that remains is cabling the front and rear derailleurs, setting the limit screws and ...
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Cues U6000 and Deore M5100 11 speed compatibility

So we have two basically the same looking and working derailleurs: Shimano u6000 and m5100. They have different pull ratios. The question is if friction shifter would allow me to mix "old" ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Compatibility of Microshift BS-M10 10 speed friction shifter with 11 speed derailleur?

As you know it’s very hard to get any modern bar end shifters right now. Unfortunately I love them. I have an opportunity to buy Microshift BS-M10 shifters which are meant for 10 speed shimano ...
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Mounting friction shifters below the handlebar

I have a bicycle with stem mounted friction shifters, and I really like the way they work. I would like to use a similar friction shifter on another bike, but that bike has a threadless headset and ...
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