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Questions about bike parts freezing or locking up due to cold or other circumstances.

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Handle bar stem has frozen stripped bolt

I just bought a used cruiser for 20$ The handlebars are WAY TOO LOW for me to ride it. However, I've tried everything and the bolt will not budge. Is like to enjoy my new/used bike. Any ideas how to ...
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How do I revive my front shock?

I left my mountain bike hanging from the front tire for a long time. Now my front shock is seized. What should I do to fix the shock? I'm considering spraying it with WD-40, but I'm not sure if that ...
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Will my drivetrain freeze if left outside in the winter?

I have to leave my bike outside at work for 8-10 hours at a time. If it's -3°C or -6°C, is there anything special I need to do to ensure it will still ride when I'm ready to go home? i.e., ...
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Preventing frozen brake cables

This response to another question provides a wealth of info on winter riding preparation, but doesn't mention any techniques for preventing cables, especially brake cables, from freezing. Is there a ...
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How to prevent my hub body from freezing?

In the winter, as soon as its gets a little bit below 0°C, after 10-15 minutes the body of my rear hub gets frozen. This means the pedals/chain do not have any grip anymore on the rear wheel, the ...
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Frozen suspension in the winter

Winter is coming! Last season I put my road bike in the garage and just rode my mountain bike all winter. Something strange happened: my suspension fork froze. When spring came everything unfroze and ...
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