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Why is there nearly no 1x road bikes?

During last ~10 years, nearly all high-end mountain bikes became 1x. Front derailleur seems to be gone. In road bike world this has not happened. Why so? MTB gear range is typically larger than road ...
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Do teams change gearing depending on the Tour De France stage?

The accepted answer to this question states that The focus is on the riders, because the bikes are just not so different from one another. The UCI (international cyclists' union) tightly regulates ...
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Chain drops when shifting up a gear at the front?

I've just gotten a new bike and run into a problem. When shifting from a smaller cog to a bigger one in the front gears, the chain consistently drops. The problem happens regardless of whether I'm on ...
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Gates Belt Drive+Rohloff - What rear sprocket do I need to help me get up hills and mountains better?

Hi I'm new here. I'm the proud owner of a Koga Worldtraveller Signature 2.0 with Rohloff and Gates belt. I have a 50t front chainring and a 19t rear cog with a 120t beltdrive plus Schwalbe Almotion 28&...
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Is the mechanism that holds a bike to a specific gear in the lever that I use to change the gear or in the derailleur?

I have a big-box-bike 18 speed that I ride around the neighborhood for exercise. Recently it stopped staying in the rear gear I put it in -- I roll the gear selector where I want it, but as soon as I ...
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Can a Rivendell Silver 38x24 crankset be used with a Dura-Ace 11-28 cassette?

I am building an old Rivendell road bike (2005). It has a Rivendell Silver 38x24 crankset. Would this be compatible with a Dura-Ace 11-28 cassette? If not, which cassette would you recommend?
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Alternative gear ratio newbie question: Am I doing a mistake for this commuter?

I have a commuter bike using a 3x9 MTB transmission: HG61 9 speed 11-32T: 11 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 21 / 24 / 28 / 32 Deore XT crankset (104MM) 22 / 32 / 44. I mostly use the 32-tooth middle ...
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Choosing a gear ratio on 20" vs 24" BMX that creates the same "feel"

I am trying to create a formula to get the right gearing on my two BMX bikes. On my 24" Cruiser I have a 40/16, 40 tooth front and 16 tooth rear cog. The chart says that is a 60, and 188.5 roll-...
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Need help on crank setup for Gravel bike!

I've been cycling for about a year and a half now (yes, I'm a newbie) and I'm very happy with it! I currently have a Merida gravel bike with a GRX 600 crankset (46/30) and 10-speed GRX 400 FD with 11 -...
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1x10 vs 1x12 for green-blue, and perhaps a bit of single-black-diamond trails

If your objective is to ride on green-blue and perhaps the easier single-black-diamond trails, do you really care about having 1x12 rather than just 1x10? They share exactly the same middle cogs (18-...
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Shimano 105 - Shifter Internal Lever Broken

I've managed to snap an internal lever (it looks similar to the one on the right side in the pic) in my Shimano 105 (11-speed) right shift - think I just pushed it too far over and it snapped. I can't ...
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Gear combinations for 3×7 Raleigh CHESTER 21 2022, frame size 50 cm

Continuing Which gears combinations shouldn't be used? and How do I know what gear combinations should work without chain rasp on front derailleur?, which are rather generic questions and answers, ...
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Bigger outer chanring for Shimano FC-M4100-2 [duplicate]

I'm trying to find a way to put on a bigger outer chainring on my FC-M4100-2 crankset. It's 26/36T and I would like to have 26/42T. It's 96 bcd but I cannot find any rings. Any ideas? Is it even ...
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