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Relating to any bike made by Giant.

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3 answers

Cartridge bottom bracket with lockring on one side only

NB There is an edit to this post added 06.02.2017 I need to replace the 68/118 BB on my Giant Rock (made around 2000 I think). It has a locking ring on one side only as shown in the photos. The ...
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2 answers

Tacx Thru Axle for Giant TCR

I ordered a Giant TCR Advanced 1 (2018) and it's on its way. I just remembered that I need to get a thru axle that fits my Smart Trainer (Tacx Flow Smart. Sadly I can not seem to find the measurements ...
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Is it worth swapping MTB front forks/wheel to ISO 584/27.5" from ISO559/26"?

Is there going to be some roll over benefit? how about getting up to speed? I'd be using it at mount stromlo in Australia, everything except the black downhill... EDIT: I am specifically ...
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Please help me identify the specifics on my older Giant Sedona?

I was generously given this working, older Giant Sedona. I have searched and searched, high and low to find out specifics on the bike, to no avail. I've been to Giant Bicycles website, there's no info ...
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