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Relating to any bike made by Giant.

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Giant SLR1 Hookless Rims Issues

I recently purchased a Giant Propel Advanced Pro and the bike comes with Giant's new tubeless-ready SLR1 hookless rims with Cadex tyres. Since purchasing, I have had a few punctures and have decided ...
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How to reinstall a freehub with cartridge bearings?

My road bike's freehub has an issue - the outer part of the body has about 1mm of play against the axle, resulting in a wobbly cassette. The freehub still functions but it needs replacing. It's a ...
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Fitting 1-1/8" straight fork in Giant Overdrive headset

I have a 2013 Giant Defy 3 with a broken fork. The original steerer tube is tapered: 1-1/8" on top and 1-1/4" on the bottom. I'm trying to figure out how to replace the fork with a more common 1-1/8"...
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Giant Reign shock travel?

I've just bought a Fox Float X 2014 for my 2015 Giant Trance. It fits my Trance perfect but I may be upgrading to a 2015 Giant Reign. I was thinking would my shock fit onto a reign? The size of mine ...
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Giant Revolt 1 2022 seatpost replacement

I am looking to get Giant Revolt 1. I saw there is a possibility of replacing seatpost to 30.9. I saw there is a shim on the front to tighten the seatposst. How does it work when you insert 30.9 ...
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Two click sound when pedaling, chain delayed engagement

Hi All! New owner of Giant Explore E+ here. Just into the first 100 miles. I noticed my bike is making a clicking sound when I start pedaling from static or freewheeling. This happens both when motor ...
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Please help me identify my Giant Sedona

Could someone help me identify this thing? Thanks to anyone that is willing to help
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Does anyone know the model and year of this giant?

I was wanting to know what year and model this giant is. Looking into buying and also wanted to know what size wheels I could fit on it was hoping to put bigger tires on.
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What do the numbers on my hub mean?

I have a Giant mountain bike front hub from a Giant P-XC2 wheelset with the inscription "12,23-12" on it. What do these numbers mean?
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