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Questions tagged [gravel]

Bikes designed for dirt roads (hence the name) and singletrack as well as pavement. These bikes have a similar appearance to road bikes but tend to have longer wheelbases, more upright posture, lower bottom brackets (for stability), and clearance for wider tires.

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Headset and BB compatibility Kona Rove LTD 2019

I've got a Kona Rove LTD 2019 and it's about time to change bearings. This is the exact model : I'd like to change headset and BB because they're ...
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Trek Checkpoint ALR 4 (2021)

I have a Shimano GRX RX400 long cage on my 2x10 Trek Checkpoint ALR 4 (2021). Can I change to an 11 Speed Cassette, GRX 600 Right Shifter and 11 speed chain to convert it to a 2x11 speed drive train. ...
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Packaging up and sending a bike from UK to Europe

I need to send my gravel bike (~11 kg) one way from the UK to Switzerland in a few weeks. As I am going by Eurostar part of the way, I was intending on using their Eurodespatch service, but this has ...
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Tube punctured by broken tire carcass fibre?

My wife's new bike had a puncture in the 650Bx2.4 "gravel" tire shortly after riding on a section of trail where fresh gravel had been spread. The gravel is crushed granite and quite coarse ...
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Gravel bike vs hybrid bike speed

I saw a video on youtube where a test showed road bike about 7% faster than gravel bike. How does gravel bike compare to a hybrid bike on purely paved road speed wise? I have a hybrid now and mostly ...
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Pannier Racks On Frames Without Mountings

The winter was harsh and the wear on my beloved road bike and its incredibly fragile ultegra componentry was too much on my wallet and I'm starting to explore winter bike options. I've decided I want ...
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