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Questions tagged [handcycle]

Questions about hand-powered bicycles, tricycles, etc.

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9 votes
4 answers

Can I race if I cannot or no longer ride a sit up cycle?

If someone likes the challenge of racing but finds it impossible to ride a traditional bicycle, can they ride in organised races? And if yes, how can they find when and where to race?
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3 answers

What is the ideal physique for a hand-cyclist? [closed]

A handcycle is a tricycle that is powered by the rider's arms, not by their legs. an upright style. Note lap-belt and foot straps, and an extremely laid-back head tube angle. An aggressively aero ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How To Get Started With Hand Cycling

I sustained a knee injury about a year ago and it's looking like I won't be biking anytime soon. I thought that a good alternative would be to get into hand cycling. I am having a hard time finding ...
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Convert Recumbent to Handcycle?

Has anyone ever successfully converted a recumbent bicycle or tricycle to hand-powered? How? What are the major obstacles to overcome?
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2 answers

How to build a combination hand & foot cycle

My two-year-old daughter has a full right arm, a left arm that stops above where her elbow would be, no right leg at all, and a full left leg. We have found a product she can ride (the Amtryke), but ...
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