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Handlebars are the part of the bike where the rider holds onto for grip and steering of the bike.

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Normal MTB trigger shifters and hydraulic brake levers on a bullhorn handlebar

Was wondering if mounting Altus shifters and hydraulic brake levers on the vertical sides of a bullhorn handlebar would work or would be possible? I tried holding one of my grips on my flat bar while ...
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Help Finding a butterfly handlebars with 23.8mm grip diameter

I would like to mount the end bar shifters on a butterfly handlebar on my touring bike, the problem is that I can't find a butterfly handlebar with 23.8mm grip diameter, which is needed to install the ...
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How much clearance do I need for cross levers?

I'd like to put cross (interrupter) brake levers on my drop-bar tourer, but I also like to use a bar bag. There is about 55 mm of space between my bars and the bar bag, measured horizontally. Will ...
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Click/snap sound while fastening brake lever onto carbon bar

I was fastening Shimano STI levers onto Bontrager carbon drop handlebars yesterday, with my torque wrench set at ~2nm, and heard a short rather loud click/snap sound shortly after starting to tighten, ...
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identify handlebar brand

I have a triathlon bike with this handle bar. I can't find the name of the manufacturer. I tried to search WISE like written in the logo but it doesn't give any results. Thank you
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