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Questions tagged [handlebars]

Handlebars are the part of the bike where the rider holds onto for grip and steering of the bike.

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Normal MTB trigger shifters and hydraulic brake levers on a bullhorn handlebar

Was wondering if mounting Altus shifters and hydraulic brake levers on the vertical sides of a bullhorn handlebar would work or would be possible? I tried holding one of my grips on my flat bar while ...
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Help Finding a butterfly handlebars with 23.8mm grip diameter

I would like to mount the end bar shifters on a butterfly handlebar on my touring bike, the problem is that I can't find a butterfly handlebar with 23.8mm grip diameter, which is needed to install the ...
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How much clearance do I need for cross levers?

I'd like to put cross (interrupter) brake levers on my drop-bar tourer, but I also like to use a bar bag. There is about 55 mm of space between my bars and the bar bag, measured horizontally. Will ...
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Click/snap sound while fastening brake lever onto carbon bar

I was fastening Shimano STI levers onto Bontrager carbon drop handlebars yesterday, with my torque wrench set at ~2nm, and heard a short rather loud click/snap sound shortly after starting to tighten, ...
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New Bike - gear shifter installed on the left and upside down? Easy fix?

New bike (flat bar , gravel bike) came with the gear lever on the left side and upside down. Dropper post lever on the right side of bars, and on top of the bar. Any reason for this, and is it an easy ...
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identify handlebar brand

I have a triathlon bike with this handle bar. I can't find the name of the manufacturer. I tried to search WISE like written in the logo but it doesn't give any results. Thank you
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