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Questions tagged [headlights]

This tag is about forward facing lights on the front of a bike: on the handle bars; fixed to the front of the frame; on the forks and so on. It is not about lights worn around the head or on a helmet, but clearly the two cases are complimentary.

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114 votes
6 answers

Safety data: Which is safer, head/tail lights which blink or emit a steady beam?

My head and tail lights can be set to blink or emit a steady beam of light. I usually set my rear (red) light to blink, because I believe it makes me more visible at night. My friend argues that it ...
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11 votes
6 answers

Bike lights with beam cut-off to avoid dazzling drivers?

Are there any bike headlights available that have a cut-off similar to a car's low beams, designed to avoid glare for other drivers? I am using the Light in Motion Urban 400 and while it's plenty ...
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55 votes
4 answers

Does a helmet-mounted light affect the safe functionality of the helmet?

I am currently testing a bunch of lights for my (slowly) upcoming head lights review. Several of the lights can be mounted to a helmet using a mounting strap, like this: I'm wondering if having a ...
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Why are battery-powered lights so popular?

Both on this site and "in real life", battery-powered lights appear to be at least as popular as generator-powered lights. I have always been slightly confused by this. To me, a generator-powered ...
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Night cycling: Is it worth using electroluminescent wire?

It's currently winter in the UK, so for my commute to and from work I need lights and reflective surfaces for safety. I've read about local people losing their lives cycling, so I want to make myself ...
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21 votes
7 answers

Protecting bike attachments such as lights against theft

I was wondering what one could do to keep his bike attachments from being stolen. On Monday two lights were stolen off of my bike. I only had them for a day. It was the kind that has a rubber "strap" ...
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6 answers

Headlight recommendation

What is a good headlight for my bike? Requirements: Swappable between bikes Good for bumpy roads/situations such as gravel or dirt Long lasting battery Far reaching range of light LED of course! :-)...
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14 votes
4 answers

Are revolights a good idea?

I've recently seen this: Basically it's leds on the wheel + a timing mechanism + persistence of vision ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Dynamo hub lighting system recommendation

I'm considering outfitting my hybrid/commuter bike with a front dynamo hub and associated lighting. Currently, looking at Sanyo, Shimano, and Schmidt dynamo hubs. The Schmidt's are pretty pricey, ...
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10 votes
6 answers

Pedal-powered head/tail lights

I'm planning to get a pair of pedal-powered head & tail lights to get my husband as a gift. He commutes ~11mi roundtrip every day to/from work. In summer, he rides a Cannondale touring bike. In ...
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What is the process of adding a light to a Yamaha PW equipped ebike?

I recently got a bike with a Yamaha PW system. The bike computer has a light on/off button but the bike itself has no light and I want to add one. How do I do this? From what I understand, I need a ...
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7 votes
5 answers

Can I get a bright rear light using AA batteries, or is there a compelling reason why nonreplaceable batteries are so widespread?

The short version: I like the convenience and the ecology of using rechargeable AA/AAA batteries in a rear light. Yet the rear lights using AA batteries I see on the market have puny power. Does ...
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2 answers

Are there LED based dynamo powered lights suitable for night time MTB riding on singletrack?

Are there LED based dynamo powered lights suitable for night time MTB riding on singletrack? Likely they would need to have: High Brightness, likely 500 lumens or better. Not sure how that translates ...
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10 answers

Is it possible to get a light that is too bright?

This question is related to this recent question: Best ways to avoid getting hit by cars? I have a 750 lumens front head light - it's bright! Some of my riding buddies say it is too bright for the ...
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Fork light mount on road brake pivot bolt - safe?

Is it safe to put the front light mount designed for the fork (as pictured below) on the road brake pivot bolt? I know I'd need a longer recessed nut. What makes me worry is that the steel wire loop ...
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2 answers

Diagnosing faulty circuit in vintage incandescent headlamp

I've got a steel-framed bike with incandescent lights, probably from the '70s. Unfortunately, despite all my efforts to get it working, the headlamp refuses to work. History About six months ago, ...
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Cygolite Expilion Battery Replacement

Did anyone take apart the replaceable battery of the Expilion headlight? I assume it contains a 18650 like battery, but some have a protection circuit built in and some not. Any knowledge about the ...
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What to look for in a (Cheap) MTB headlight for night trail riding [closed]

I'm wondering what to aspects to look for when buying a mountain bike headlight is for night riding on the trails. I have never bought one before, but I'm hoping to spend at most $50, is it possible ...
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