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Questions tagged [headlights]

This tag is about forward facing lights on the front of a bike: on the handle bars; fixed to the front of the frame; on the forks and so on. It is not about lights worn around the head or on a helmet, but clearly the two cases are complimentary.

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Magicshine MJ-872 disassembly

My light doesn't seem to work well, after 15 minutes of work it starts to switch to lower settings and shutting down. My guess is that I need to add the thermal paste that might be quite old (3+ years)...
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Considering an Upgrade: Mounting the Magicshine RN3000 on the RAVEMEN FR160 – A Practical Solution?

The RN3000 features an aluminum housing, contrasting with the plastic composition of the FR160. Why consider this configuration? Presently, my RN3000 is affixed to the MJ-627, yet it encounters ...
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