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Questions tagged [headphones]

Devices to play audio, mounted on the head or ears.

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59 votes
21 answers

Is listening to music dangerous while cycling? [closed]

This wouldn't apply to riding technical trails or anything challenging, but are there any reasons to eschew the tunes while riding? Noise canceling earbuds would probably be hazardous to myself and ...
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19 votes
12 answers

Listening to audio without obstructing ears

I'm looking for a way to listen to my audiobooks while commuting without obstructing my ears. One (rather expensive) option appears to be the Tunebug Shake (a Bluetooth turn-your-helmet-into-a-...
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17 votes
13 answers

How you can reduce wind noise in the ears while cycling?

When I cycle I usually listen to music with a headset, but the wind noise is so annoying that I do not hear the music. I would not turn up the volume of the music too loud because I prefer to have ...
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10 votes
6 answers

Headphones with low wind noise? [closed]

I have some Sennheiser PMX70 headphones that I quite like, in particular because the around-the-neck design allows me to quickly drop them down onto my neck and out of my ears. The one thing that I ...
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5 votes
3 answers

What to look for in bone conduction headphones for bike voice navigation?

I am getting lost. Easily. And looking too hard at the screen (phone mounted on the handlebars) makes me lose concentration. Luckily, Komoot I'm trying now, and Google Maps, provide voice navigation. ...
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4 votes
15 answers

Best type of headphones while riding

I'm starting to commute on my bike soon and was looking for suggestions or advice on what type of headphones I should use to listen to music while riding? I am aware of the dangers of listening to ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Headphones while cycling [closed]

Possible duplicate: Is listening to music dangerous while cycling? I cycle 12 miles to work (and the same back) of which the first 5 miles are on a cycle path away from the road and the other 7 are ...
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