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Questions tagged [headset]

Questions referring to the component fitted on or inside the head tube, which allow the steering tube to rotate freely.

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Headset and BB compatibility Kona Rove LTD 2019

I've got a Kona Rove LTD 2019 and it's about time to change bearings. This is the exact model : I'd like to change headset and BB because they're ...
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Grinding noise from headset

I have a 5 year old Merida Ride 100, which has done about 5000km. It mostly has been in dry conditions, but has seen some wet conditions once in a while. After the last ride, I noticed some grinding ...
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Play in headset

I serviced my headset few times on my new bike, each time without problems. But when I was serviced it few days ago, I had play in the headset that I couldn't get rid of. First I unscrewed top cap, ...
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Canyon Ultimate CF SL 7 2022 steerer tube compression plug stuck?

This is concerning my friend's Ultimate CF SL 7 (105) 2022. Ridden approx 5000 km so far. Everything's been fine, up until a recent ride, but now there was noticeable movement (in the direction of the ...
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Finding a crown race replacement (fork replacement)

I'd like to replace the fork of my bike (basic SR Suntour NEX-25), and have ordered a replacement. The transfer of the crown race from the old fork to the new one seems however problematic, as it may ...
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Headset bearing dimensions

I've got some IS49/37 headset bearings on order to be used in a custom frame I'm trying to design, the problem is they take a month to arrive. I don't have a technical drawing of the bearings and can'...
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Headset too stiff

yesterday I noticed that I had some play in my headset. So I loosen the stem bolts and tighten the preload just to eliminate the play, but then the headset becomes too stiff. So I can't avoid play ...
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Headset replacement for Fit Bikes BMX

My son has a Fit BMX bike, seems to be a normal 20" setup. However, the head tube appears to have an inside diameter of 1 3/8", and every BMX headset I'm seeing expects that diameter to be 1 1/4" ID. ...
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Fitting 1-1/8" straight fork in Giant Overdrive headset

I have a 2013 Giant Defy 3 with a broken fork. The original steerer tube is tapered: 1-1/8" on top and 1-1/4" on the bottom. I'm trying to figure out how to replace the fork with a more common 1-1/8"...
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Is this Raleigh headset worn?

I was wondering am I correct in saying this this headset race is worn and needs to be replaced. It's off a BSA wayfarer bike. It has a 1 inch threaded steerer. I read on Sheldon's website you can ...
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1970-80's Roadmaster bike makes a clicking noise when turning right

A 70's/80's Roadmaster Pursuit bike makes a clicking noise when turning right. It doesn't make any noise when riding straight or turning left. It doesn't seem to matter how close the turn is. I have ...
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