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What is safe head tube angle for straight fork?

By "straight fork" I mean the one with 1 1/8" head tube. The more slack head tube angle is the more stress on the fork. So what is the safe angle when you can still use straight and not ...
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Is this crack in a used bike's head tube safe enough to purchase the bike?

I am buying a second-hand road bike. This is one of the candidates. It looks like a nice bike, except for this crack on the head tube. I have read that bikes with cracks on their frame should not be ...
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How to Choose Headset Bearings - Transition from Straight Steerer to Tapered Steerer

I am upgrading the forks on my wife's Cannondale Althea 4 hybrid bike. The new forks have a tapered steerer instead of the straight one on the old Suntour forks, therefore I need to change the headset ...
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Is it safe to ride a frame with a hairline crack in the head tube lug?

I am considering buying an Alan Super Record aluminium frame, but there is a hairline crack in the lug on the bottom of the headtube. Is this a big problem, and would it be unsafe to ride it? Is there ...
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How do I center a basket attachment that's sitting between the stem and head tube

I messed up while building my daughter's bike and started turning this basket attachment around, until I realized I am looking at it from the wrong side. Now it's sitting at an angle. What tool ...
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Ways to increase handlebar height?

Recently got my first bike with drop handlebars. After riding around for a while, I noticed some neck/trap/shoulder strain. I have tried adjusting the seat height, but I think the next best solution ...
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Road bike 1.5" Integrated tapered Headtube to a 1 1/4 tapered Fork compatibility

Currently have a road bike running with 1.5" Integrated tapered Headtube with a 1.5" tapered fork was looking to upgrade to an Enve road fork with a 1 1/4 Tapered fork. Was wondering what ...
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Is it possible to change my bike standard headset to a internal headset?

Its a non tapered headtube fitted with a standard headset with a 30mmx30mm ball bearings
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What race crown for a 3T Exloro fork?

More than half a year ago, I bought a 3T Exploro Team frameset. To my big surprise, when building the bike, the fork's race crown is missing. The brand of the head tube cups is Cane Creek. Asking ...
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