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A protective head covering worn cyclists.

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Why don't cyclists wear all-encompassing motorcycle-style helmets?

It is possible to get a helmet that covers your entire head and face, and in theory would protect you against more kinds of falls. In particular, Why don't bicyclists wear them, and why do ...
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19 votes
34 answers

What are the reasons for and against wearing a bicycle helmet?

This is a tricky question to ask correctly. One attempt has already been closed as subjective and argumentative. There is no one correct answer, for sure. However, there are interesting reasons that I ...
70 votes
8 answers

When or how often should I replace my bike helmet?

I’ve fallen a couple times, but no serious damage is visible on the helmet except for a couple divots here and there. Should I consistently be replacing my helmet after a certain amount of time? ...
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How to ride to work without sweating?

I'm planning on commuting by bicycle to work in hot Montreal, though this question is probably relevant to anyone who bikes to work in a city with temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees ...
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12 answers

Using a ski helmet for winter biking

I am curious if anyone uses a skiing helmet for winter biking? Would this be safe? Are skiing helmets designed to protect you from the same kind of accidents that you would have on a bike? My ...
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30 votes
3 answers

Do I really need to replace my helmet every 2-3 years if it hasn't been in a crash?

OK, I know from the top answer here: When or how often should I replace my bike helmet?, that I should buy a new helmet every 2-3 years, even if it hasn't been in a crash and shows no signs of damage. ...
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3 answers

Are MIPS helmets actually any safer than standard helmets? Independent Research?

A friend just told me about a relatively new bike helmet technology that reduces torsion (rotational) stress in a bike accident. My wife is a speech therapist (and I write speech therapy software) so ...
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6 answers

Would a military helmet make a safe alternative to a bicycle helmet?

I am in need of a new bicycle helmet and have been exploring some alternative options. One possibility I am considering is visiting my local Army Surplus store and getting a helmet there. I only use ...
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5 votes
6 answers

Why do only downhill mountain bikers wear full face helmets?

A lot of cyclists are concerned about safety and having the proper equipment, but I have never seen a cyclist riding in the city with a full-face helmet, nor have I seen a full-face helmet marketed ...
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4 answers

Does a helmet-mounted light affect the safe functionality of the helmet?

I am currently testing a bunch of lights for my (slowly) upcoming head lights review. Several of the lights can be mounted to a helmet using a mounting strap, like this: I'm wondering if having a ...
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What's the real difference between cheap and expensive helmets?

Is there any real difference between the cheap and expensive cycling helmets? Is it really worth buying a helmet at say 3 or 4 times the price of a cheap helmet? Will that helmet really give you 3 or ...
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24 votes
5 answers

How should a bicycle helmet fit?

I see enough folks wearing helmets in such a manner that they might as well not be. What is the proper way to fit & wear a bicycle helmet?
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17 votes
7 answers

How important is the MIPS safety system for a bicycle helmet? [duplicate]

I'm shopping for a bicycle helmet. The ones without this "MIPS" feature can cost 549 SEK: But then there is an identical-looking one with "...
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16 votes
4 answers

How long does an unused helmet keep for?

Will a helmet suffer in any way if it is kept in its original box indoors for some years before ever being used? For instance, I might keep it unused for 5 years and then use it for 5 years. I ask ...
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4 answers

Are bicycle helmets repairable or disposable?

Suppose I wear a bicycle helmet, and I fall hard and my helmet cracks. Do I buy a new helmet or can I try repair the old one with some glue?
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1 answer

Bike helmet expiration

I have a bike helmet, Specialized Align. By the manufacturer's sticker, it was produced in 2013. Most of the time, it has been stored in the garage, only saw a very light use (several hours in a month ...
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12 answers

Should I buy this (gently) used, 15 year old, helmet?

My neighbor is moving cross country and selling all his bike stuff. His helmet's a white Bell, about 15 years old. It's a bit scuffed but generally in pretty good condition. The only thing that ...
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13 answers

What can bald guys do to prevent helmet sunburns?

In the cooler months I normally wear a skullcap like this, which both keeps me warm and covers my scalp under my helmet. Now that summer is around the corner that skullcap is way too hot. I'd like ...
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3 answers

Is it safe to wear a helmet without a plastic covering?

A friend of mine gave me a foam bike helmet had the plastic covering removed from it. Besides for the plastic being removed, the helmet is in excellent condition. Is there any issues with using this ...
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My helmet had a bad fall. Is it still good?

I just stupidly dropped my helmet on the floor from a quite high distance. I know (or rather, heard of) that motorbike helmets must be inspected in such cases. Is it the same for bike helmets? How ...
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5 answers

How much should I spend on my helmet?

I'm finally going to buy a bike next month. And a helmet. I'm wondering how much I should budget for buying a helmet. I'll be riding around New York City, so I want good visibility around me. And ...
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2 answers

Are helmets with chin guards safer than those without?

I do trail riding with some technical elements, and I have decided to upgrade my normal helmet to some sort of a full-face helmet. I have seen some sturdy-looking helmets, which resemble the ...
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3 answers

What features should I look for in a cool helmet?

I have a Bell Metro helmet. It's fine but even with all the holes, it is very hot. It also causes skin irritation on my forehead and causes (sorry people) pimples on my scalp. Are there specific ...
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3 answers

How can I tell if a helmet will be comfortable before buying?

Barring taking a helmet on a 50-mile ride before buying it: Some kinds of chin straps, for example, won't stay tight, and some kinds of cages aren't comfortable no matter how I adjust them. What ...
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6 answers

Is it practical to wear motorcycle half helmet for road cycling? [duplicate]

I am considering buying a motorcycle half helmet for cycling. I ride road bike for leisure. I would ride alongside with traffics quite often. First of all, I am looking for more protection. I am not ...
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1 answer

Is there a significant difference between the new all-mountain/trail and classic cross country helmets?

There is a new niche of "all mountain" helmets, like Fox Flux, POC Trabec, 661 Recon etc. They feature closed, rounded backward design, and claim to protect the brainstem better. I ride all-mountain ...
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3 answers

Are MIPS helmets compatible with helmet mount lights or cameras?

I've been looking to buy a new mountain bike helmet. New helmets are touting the potential benefits of MIPS slip plane technology. However, I tend to do a lot of night riding and mount lights on both ...
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Helmet Safety Standards Canada

I am looking at buying a helmet meeting ASTM F 2040, CPSC and EN 1078 safty requirements. Are these reasonable standards and will they protect my head in an axcident? Are these standards recognised ...
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Feedback on Bern Helmets for winter

I was thinking about picking up a new helmet this afternoon. My current helmet: Has had a few accidents Isn't very warm in the winter. Doesn't have great clearance for ski goggles. I was ...
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