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Hybrid bikes combine elements from different types of specialised bikes to make a bicycle suitable for a wide range of riding conditions, which can include road riding, commuting, or leisure riding on tracks and rougher surfaces. They usually provide a semi-upright comfortable riding position, and come fitted with slick or semi-slick tyres. Accessories such as mudguards and luggage are often fitted as standard.

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Where should I look for a reliable chainguide for a large chainring (52T)?

I'm building a hybrid bicycle using a Specialized StumpJumper S-Works carbon frameset. The drive-train is 1x12. Wolf Tooth 52T cyclocross chainring, to beef up the top end gearing. (The chainring ...
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Sizing a hybrid bike

I'm 180cm tall, with a bicycle inseam of 81cm (without shoes) and a wingspan of 190cm. I'm looking at the Cannondale Bad Boy 1 2019 hybrid bike which you can see the geometry for here. Based on my ...
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Did I buy the wrong size hybrid bike?

I am a male who's 5'11" tall with an inseam of 32". Last summer I bought an Evo Grand Rapid 3 bike with an XL frame, 22"/56cm from a bike shop. I realized that the bike I bought is a ...
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Gravel bike vs hybrid bike speed

I saw a video on youtube where a test showed road bike about 7% faster than gravel bike. How does gravel bike compare to a hybrid bike on purely paved road speed wise? I have a hybrid now and mostly ...
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