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Front hydraulic brake lever dislodged

This is a brand new mountain bike for kids with hydraulic brakes. The bike fell on its side and when we picked it up, the brake handle got caught by a branch. With a little effort, we were able to ...
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How to temporarily plug hydraulic brake hoses to route them through frame without leaking fluid

Is there a way to temporarily plug and seal hydraulic disc brake hoses as well as hydraulic dropper post hoses, before installing them or removing them from a frame? The idea is to keep things tidy ...
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How long does an open jar of DOT grease last?

How long can I store an open jar of DOT hydraulic brake grease (e.g., SRAM or AVID)? Background for question: DOT fluid is hydroscopic, i.e., it absorbs moisture from surrounding air and therefore ...
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New Hydraulic hoses sealed

I have a new complete set of "Shimano" 105 hydraulic calipers and brake/shifters for drops. The hoses are fitted to the calipers the other end of the hoses have the barbs fitted but they ...
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Are ST-5800 shifters compatible with hydraulic brakes?

I have a last generation 105 5800 groupset currently set up with mechanical disc brakes. I'm thinking about upgrading to hydraulic brakes. Do I need to change my shifters in order to do this?
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Scratched hydraulic brake hose during install - should I be concerned?

today I was installing brand new GRX brakes into new frame. It was not my first time, I've already build 10+ bikes, I messed up through. I inserted rear brake hose without any issues, I had my guide, ...
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Is there a quick and reliable way to identify hydraulic brake fluid?

I recently saw a Shimano hydraulic disk brake system that was about to be bled with yellow oil in it (Shimano's mineral oil is red). Most likely it was third party mineral oil like Finish Line's ...
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Shimano hydraulic brake config; R8020 levers paired with R8170 calipers?

Good Day All: This winter I am "kitting out" a carbon fibre frameset from Pursuit Cycles. I have elected to go with mech shifting, 11sp Ultegra R8000, and hydraulic braking. I have on hand a ...
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Changing front wheel for one with slightly wider rims on an E-bike?

I need to replace the front wheel on my E-bike (2016 Batavus Razer, original wheel is 622 x 15C Rodi in 6063 alloy, 36 spokes, 'V' shaped rim profile) I believe Rodi supplied Batavus with wheels for ...
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Why are my disk brakes making a squealing noise?

I recently found a bicycle used by a relative which seemed to be in good shape. However, I found that the hydraulic disk brakes make a loud squealing sound towards the end of the stopping distance. ...
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Kona hydraulic brakes screech [duplicate]

I have a Kona dew deluxe with screeching brakes. Pads are pretty good but bike hasn't been ridden much over the past 6+ years. Had the brakes checked over and was told they might be leaking fluid. ...
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PROMAX DECIPHER hydraulic brake hose replacement

I have a set of PROMAX Decipher hydraulic brakes and need to replace the hose cable (basically adapt these brakes to another bike and the cables length is longer). I would like to know how to split ...
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Method for shortening a damaged hydraulic brake hose?

I had an incident recently that resulted in a damaged hydraulic hose. It was munched by the chain. Curiously, the brake still holds pressure and functions, though I have limited confidence in it. I'...
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Are clear hydraulic brake lines available for sale?

Since all brake lines are not see through, the only way to determine if your brake needs a bleed is by feeling the brakes. If they are "squishy", then you need a brake bleed. I'm of the ...
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Hydraulic brake bleed fail - try again or replace?

I bled and completely replaced the fluid on a set of Tektro Orion hydraulic brakes, using Shimano mineral oil. Before bleeding, one worked a little bit, and the other didn't at all. In my impression,...
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Hydraulic hoses

I've just purchased a Cube Aim 27.5 MTB frame from eBay minus the brake hoses, the brakes are Shimano BR-M3050. I'm totally new to bike builds and didn't realize the number of different styles, sizes ...
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Clarification needed on hydraulic disc caliper and lever compatibility

I have a Scott Solace road bike that uses Shimano BR-RS805 hydraulic disc calipers. The hose spec is BH 59. I want to change from drop handlebars to Jones H handlebars. I will need new brake levers. ...
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Installing shimano mt 200 hydraulic brakes to internally routed frame?

I have a bike with an internally routed rear brake. I bought Shimano mt200 hydraulic brakes to replace the low end mechanicals that came on the bike. My problem is that the brakes came pre-bled. Now I ...
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Are Magura HS33e levers compatible with HS22 brakes?

I plan to convert a bike with Magura HS22 hydraulic brakes to electric. Thus I would like to replace the brake lever by one having the controller output to stop the motor while braking. From my ...
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