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Changing front wheel for one with slightly wider rims on an E-bike?

I need to replace the front wheel on my E-bike (2016 Batavus Razer, original wheel is 622 x 15C Rodi in 6063 alloy, 36 spokes, 'V' shaped rim profile) I believe Rodi supplied Batavus with wheels for ...
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5 answers

Why are my disk brakes making a squealing noise?

I recently found a bicycle used by a relative which seemed to be in good shape. However, I found that the hydraulic disk brakes make a loud squealing sound towards the end of the stopping distance. ...
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1 answer

Kona hydraulic brakes screech [duplicate]

I have a Kona dew deluxe with screeching brakes. Pads are pretty good but bike hasn't been ridden much over the past 6+ years. Had the brakes checked over and was told they might be leaking fluid. ...
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2 answers

PROMAX DECIPHER hydraulic brake hose replacement

I have a set of PROMAX Decipher hydraulic brakes and need to replace the hose cable (basically adapt these brakes to another bike and the cables length is longer). I would like to know how to split ...
10 votes
2 answers

Method for shortening a damaged hydraulic brake hose?

I had an incident recently that resulted in a damaged hydraulic hose. It was munched by the chain. Curiously, the brake still holds pressure and functions, though I have limited confidence in it. I'...
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Are clear hydraulic brake lines available for sale?

Since all brake lines are not see through, the only way to determine if your brake needs a bleed is by feeling the brakes. If they are "squishy", then you need a brake bleed. I'm of the ...
2 votes
3 answers

Hydraulic brake bleed fail - try again or replace?

I bled and completely replaced the fluid on a set of Tektro Orion hydraulic brakes, using Shimano mineral oil. Before bleeding, one worked a little bit, and the other didn't at all. In my impression,...
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3 votes
3 answers

Hydraulic hoses

I've just purchased a Cube Aim 27.5 MTB frame from eBay minus the brake hoses, the brakes are Shimano BR-M3050. I'm totally new to bike builds and didn't realize the number of different styles, sizes ...
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0 answers

Clarification needed on hydraulic disc caliper and lever compatibility

I have a Scott Solace road bike that uses Shimano BR-RS805 hydraulic disc calipers. The hose spec is BH 59. I want to change from drop handlebars to Jones H handlebars. I will need new brake levers. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Installing shimano mt 200 hydraulic brakes to internally routed frame?

I have a bike with an internally routed rear brake. I bought Shimano mt200 hydraulic brakes to replace the low end mechanicals that came on the bike. My problem is that the brakes came pre-bled. Now I ...
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Are Magura HS33e levers compatible with HS22 brakes?

I plan to convert a bike with Magura HS22 hydraulic brakes to electric. Thus I would like to replace the brake lever by one having the controller output to stop the motor while braking. From my ...
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