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Questions tagged [hydraulic-disc-brake]

Hydraulic disc brakes use fluid (either mineral oil or automotive brake fluid) to transmit brake pressure from the handlebar levers to the disc brakes on the wheel.

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Shimano Dura-Ace R9120 lever leaking

My bike's Dura-Ace R9120 rear-brake/front derailleur shifter (left shifter in UK) leaks brake fluid when I pull hard on the lever. It leaks from this specific place: I understand this lever is ...
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SRAM Guide R bleed problem

I'm bleeding my SRAM Guide R brakes. When working on the rear brake I noticed that the fluid can go from the lever syringe into the caliper syringe, but not the other way around. I can't move the ...
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Can't seem to quiet my disc brakes

I recently purchased a bike that clearly needed fixing, for a great price. I've given the bike a bit of a tune-up, but one thing that won't seem to go away is the squealing sound coming from the disc ...
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Shimano BR M8000 callipers leaking after bleed

A couple weeks ago I noticed that the brakes (BR-M8000) on this bike were quite spongy and since I didn't know when there last bled was, I decided to service them. Everything worked fine for about a ...
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after multiple brake bleed, lever's max stiffness is still close to bar

so after a few bleeds i've done on these Shimano saints, because of new levers replacement, i've found that the rear brake lever, although on max stiffness, goes way further to the bar then the other ...
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Compatibility between Shimano 4-piston hydraulic calipers and levers (possible connection to German DIN cargo bike standard)

There are not too many 4-piston calipers by Shimano. M640 Zee and M820 Saint are identical (calipers), and upon release Shimano claimed to have a 'slight difference in leverage' (i.e. a different ...
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Cross (also called in-line or sub) brake levers compatible with SRAM Apex

Does somebody know of cross/in-line/sub brake levers compatible with SRAM Apex? Could the Shimano GRX sub brake levers perhaps work? See
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What Would Cause My Shimano Front Disc Brake to Leak after Replacement?

I noticed my Shimano BT M400 front brake caliper was missing the cap for the bleed nipple and the whole set up was covered in mineral oil. After speaking briefly to a mechanic I bought a replacement ...
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Can non-brake silicone lube be a good substitute for hydraulic seal lubricants in brakes?

Hope suggest using Hunter silicone lubricant (SC960) when assembling pistons, etc, on their (DOT 5.1) hydraulic brakes. It is supposed to be easily available but it took me a while to find some at a ...
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Hydraulic disc brake - lever slowly touches bar

I have a magura disc brake. When I pull the lever and keep applying constant pressure to it, it slowly retracts all the way to touch the bar. This process takes about 10 / 15 seconds. I have tried to ...
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Differences and effects of brake lever offset

I've seen some flat bar brake levers where the the pivoting plane of the lever blade is offset and not in line with the center of the handlebar's cross section. What's the purpose for such design? ...
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Sram Guide R brakes getting spongy

Long time Shimano brakes user, I've recently (few months ago) got a new MTB with Sram Guide R brakes. At the beginning those felt great - not as "biting" as Shimano SLX / XT I'm used to, but feeling ...
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Hayes Sole Disk Brakes, adjusters stiff/seized?

Second hand bike, my first time encountering Hayes Sole brake calipers. My brakes front and back have gone a bit weak so I wanted to tighten them up a bit. Each side of caliper has an allen key ...
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Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake Recommendation For Trek Verve 3

I recently purchased a Trek Verve 3 and like many who bought it, the bike came with the substituted Power hydraulic brakes. I don't recall who makes these brakes, but I did find them online. ...
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SRAM Rival Hydraulic Brake - Bleeding issues

After 5000km of perfect performance my rear brake started to fade so I decided to bleed it. I have bled many hydraulic systems before (mostly MTB) with no issues. However the SRAM Rival setup has been ...
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Hydraulic road levers bleeding not working

a long time reader here that was usually able to find an answer, but not on this one. I've done some basic and slightly more advanced fixes and part replacements on bicycles, but I've never installed ...
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Tektro HD-M275 rear brake making grinding noises while braking

I got Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors, front brake is working perfectly with no issues. Under light braking rear brake works normally without any noises or vibrations, but as ...
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Initial resistance / detent feeling in hydraulic brake

My brake has a up-front amount of pressure it needs before it will then engage. It feels like I'm actuating a clicky button and not a continuously moving brake. What could be causing this?
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Trouble aligning front disc brake - rotor noise

I'm having trouble getting my front brakes aligned properly and staying aligned. The brakes are Tektro HDR-210 - I asked Tektro and they should be an OEM version of the HDR-310. I've just installed ...
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Disc brake makes scratch noise when wet

I bought a TREK FX SPORT 5 a couple of weeks ago and I've ridden it like 200km without any problems. Today was the first time I biked when it was raining and I noticed after like 100 meter that there ...
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I require advice on a recurring problem with my brakes

I've had a bike with hydraulic brakes for about six months now, and have a problem with the brake just losing power. I think it's fluid being lost. This is a question I asked earlier Something wrong ...
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