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Extractors for Centerlock rotors and Shimano HG cassette

I need to buy some basic tools to do some maintenance on my wheels, but I'm confused about what I need. I want to perform the following operations: change the cassette I have a 11-34 10-speed ...
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Hyperglide vs HG10/HG11/HG12

What is the difference between "Hyperglide" cassette and HG10/HG11/HG12 cassette? I thought the later are also of "hyperglide" kind. Is the freehub body for the former cassettes ...
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What is the specification for the Shimano Hyper Glide cassette spline?

What is the specification for the current generation 10 and 11 speed Shimano Hyper Glide cassette spline? Ideally an engineering drawing. Further, how is it machined? Rotary broach? I've found models ...
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Can I use BSA bottom bracket's plastic spacer as a cassette spacer?

I need to install a 7-speed cassette on a Hyperglide freehub. This cassette is narrower than the freehub's spline height (meant to accommodate 9 and 10-speed cassettes). I also bought an additional ...
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Do I need a spacer between my cassette and freehub?

I am fitting a modern Shimano 10-speed Hyperglide cassette (CS-HG81-10) to an old Shimano 8 speed hub (FH-M565). Fortunately, it is long enough (approx. 35mm) to take 10-speed. The hub came with a ...
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12 speed cassette touching spokes

Upgraded from 3x9 to 1x12 and encountered the problem with cassette touching spokes. Cassette is Sunrace MZ90 which is advertised as compatible with Shimano Hyperglide freehub bodies. Hub is Shimano ...
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What are the ridges seen on sprockets and chainrings for?

I've always wondered what these ridges below the teeth on sprockets are for. Can anyone enlighten me?
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What does marking like "aq/ar" on the sprocket mean?

Shimano sprockets are marked with short strings like "aq/ar", "bg", "as/au/be" and others. For example, "bj bk" can be read on the image below: It looks like they mean the hyperglide series to which ...
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