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Questions with a specific focus on cycling in the Republic of India.

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How much does GT zaskar carbon comp cost? [closed]

So i checked the bicycle GT zaskar carbon comb and its prize was 22k rupees and in other websites it cost more. What is the real price and is there any GT zaskar carbon comp for 22k rupees 22k rupees =...
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Touring bike with good support network in India

I am planning to tour India. And I have heard many of the US brand bikes don't have support in Tier-2 cities in India. I am worried, if I get struck with out being able to get any spares or a good ...
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I suffer from chronic back issues, is full suspension bicycle good in that case?

I live in India and moreover I have back issues. Every Indian knows the condition of roads in India. Is it advisable to buy a full suspension to get a easier ride for me or it makes no difference ...
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Painting for mudguard is needed!

I want my mudguard(for cycle) in style but I don't have paint. When I search web it is very costly. Can I do it with water colour or fabric painting? Or there is any other paint but it should be ...
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Is it okay to buy a cycle from a new brand?

I'm from India and I was looking to buy a bicycle for some really long commutes and fitness rides. I'd mostly be doing paved roads with the occasional gravel/dirt. Some reading told me that I should ...
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