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14 answers

Bicycle designed for one-arm usage?

I badly fractured my shoulder in a car accident and have limited mobility in my right arm after the repair. Is there a way for me to safely bicycle on city streets with one arm? Can I modify my ...
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13 answers

Do the benefits of clipless pedals out weigh any danger they may pose the rider?

As a newbie rider, I was asked by many experienced riders and bike shop experts if I was using clipless pedals yet? The implication was you are not really a serious rider until you are clipless, sort ...
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2 answers

How to adjust seat saddle and saddle position for knee pain?

I understand that a seat too high can cause: hips rocking trying to extend to pedals pain in the back of the knee And that a seat too low can cause: can't fully extend legs pain in front of the ...
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What are some good exercises to prevent knee pain?

About four or so years ago, I hurt my knee on a fairly long ride (~150km or so). It was really my own fault, as I hadn't been training regularly, and I pushed myself a bit too hard. By the time I ...
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3 answers

can only use right hand to brake reliably, due to disability - safer/possible to modify bike?

I'm new here and hoping someone might have thoughts on this - had a look and couldn't find an answer elsewhere! Apologies for the kind of long question, and if it's silly, but any thoughts would be ...
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4 answers

Will stretching make me slower?

I have heard rumors that (excessive) stretching can hurt cycling performance. Specifically, stretching one's hamstrings and/or quadriceps supposedly reduces sprinting power. Is there any factual basis ...
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6 answers

How to Prevent Cramping

When I increase my riding routine I end up getting bad cramps in both my calves and also my thighs and hamstrings. Does anyone have any tips to reduce cramps when your riding gets more serious.
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12 votes
13 answers

Is it possible to do 50 km distance without any previous training?

I'm considering to do a 50-55 km distance on a mixed surface. Mostly asphalt and gravel, maybe even a little bit of sand. Haven't done any training or exercise, basically been sitting at home all day, ...
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9 answers

What do you do to cure road rash more quickly after a crash?

Crashes are an inevitability in cycling. This weekend, I hit a 4" stick on my bike. It flipped over, stuck in the spokes of my front wheel and did this to it: It stopped my bike really quickly and I ...
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4 answers

Gear to protect against hand injury in a crash

I commute to work a few miles on my bike in the city. Today someone walked out in front of me and I squeezed the brakes too hard and went over the handlebars. I suffered a mild elbow fracture ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Rekindling a love for cycling after an accident

How can one "start" to love cycling as a hobby again after losing interest in it after having bad experience(s)? — Since having a car-on-bike accident and subsequently not riding for quite some ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Cyclocross for road bike type of routes - Increased risk of INJURY?

I am 33years and just moved to belgium. My work commute is about 25km (16miles). I plan to buy a bike mainly to commute to work and get the exercise and decompress after work. I am new to biking but ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Coming back from a Serious Injury

Some I am not a frightful type guy, and this is still kind of new but last week I took a bad spill and am unsure what to do about it in the future. For the record I am 51 years old and was training ...
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Recommended exercises for preparing to bicycle commute

I'm female, in my early 40's, and out of shape, but I have the most perfect bike route to work and I want off the bus. I dislocated my right shoulder about four years ago and it's never been the same. ...
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2 answers

Why and how much is riding big-chainring-frong small-cog-rear a negative practice?

A friend of mine is riding consistently in largest chainring front and smallest cog rear. The corresponding teeth counts are respectively 44 and 11. The bicycle is an Acera-level mountain bike with ...
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Adjusting bike fitting to cope with FAI (hip deformity)

After many years in the saddle (as a casual rider only) I am currently unable to ride to due a problem with my hips. I just got the X-rays back and it seems I have a "pincer" deformity on both hips ...
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