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A rubber torus shaped balloon which is inflated via a valve inside a tyre to keep it rigid.

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Shimano Roller Brake Model BR-IM31 (specifically!!)

New to the world of roller brakes (new cargo bike) and need to change back inner tube due to flat. I'm trying to work out how to remove the back wheel and have unclipped the gear cable (nexus hub) but ...
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I need help with a airless inner tube/tire issue

So I just bought a brand new Abound from Aventon. The city I live in is horrible and even with double thick tired, Tannus armor inserts, and puncture-resistant inner tubes I've had 3 flats in 3 months ...
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Back wheel tube consistently popping when putting wheel back on bike

I ride a Specialized Allez that's probably 15 years old, and recently had to purchase new wheels and tires because mine were stolen. I put a new tube on my new back wheel, and it popped as soon as I ...
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Tubes splitting along seam

I'm on my third tube in 2 weeks since I got a flat tyre from a nail. They're not being punctured, they are all splitting along a seam which isn't even facing the road. I have tried checking for ...
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Is compatible classic tube and classic tire (27.5x2.1) with tubeless ready rim(27.5x2.1)?

Is compatible classic tube and classic tire (27.5x2.1) with tubeless ready rim(27.5x2.1)? Thank you very much!
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Unable to inflate tire

In the picture, the valve stem seems loose and I am able to pull it. The air pump hose does not stay attached to the valve stem when I try to inflate it. In fact, pumping air seems very easy so air is ...
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Motobecane 1970's version

I have a 1970's Motobecane bicycle with 27x1 tires. I need new tires and tubes. What would be the best size to fit, as I cannot find an exact match?
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