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Performance of 'safety levers' [duplicate]

How do safety levers work exactly? When installed properly, what is their braking performance? What about when installed improperly? What faults do they have? How ergonomic are they? How good of a fit ...
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Are there downsides to cross-top brake levers? Compatible with all mechanical-hydraulic disc brakes?

I have a Genesis Croix de Fer 20 from a few years ago with the following specs: Brakes: TRP HY-RD mechanical-hydraulic caliper w/160mm TR160 rotors Levers: Shimano Tiagra ST-4700 I would like to fit ...
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Braking on a vintage road bike

I recently bought a vintage Gitane road bike. I understand that in the 70s and 80s they sold a lot of these road bikes with drop handle bars. Sometimes they came with the extra lever for an easier ...
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Interruptor Brakes on a Road Bike

I have recently upgraded my hybrid with regular flats for a road bike with drops. Much to my surprise I adapted to the drop handlebars pretty quickly, however, even though I have a ladies' specific ...
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Interupter brake lever compatible with hydraulic mechanical disk brakes?

I have recently Installed JuinTech R1 Hydraulic mechanical pull disk brakes to my road bike. I would like to add some cyclo top or interrupter brake levers. Does anybody have any experience with this? ...
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Interrupter (cross) brake lever cable guide wedges?

Interrupter brakes require the brake cable to angle away from the bar to meet the lever at the proper point as shown in the picture below. You can see the handlebar tape doesn't carry on closer to the ...
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How can you remove the interrupter (top bar) levers from the Giant Avail 5?

I'm looking to gain a little extra space on my handlebars and I do not use these brakes, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to remove them. The spec is: Brake Levers Shimano 2300 w/ ...