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Livestream 16 hour bike race [closed]

So next week a friend and I are going to be a support vehicle for a 500 km bike race. We wanted to setup something so we could live stream the whole event and wanted to ask if anyone has any ...
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GPS with maps for touring / using an iPhone

We are going to do a bike tour through France and Spain with a friend at the end of the summer. I was wondering what is the best option for a gps. Ideally we want something with the ability to display ...
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What options do I have to charge my GPS and Phone using a dynamo hub?

I'm planning to purchase a supernova infinity-8 dynamo hub and wanted to use this during daylight hours to charge my Phone and GPS during bike tours. What products are available that will work with ...
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iPhone ANT+ bicycling apps that can import a GPS track?

Does anyone know if any of the popular iPhone ANT+ bicycling apps have the ability to import a GPS track? I'd like to start exploring some of the local trails/routes a bit - I've got .gpx tracks for ...
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What map / navigation / bike direction apps are available for the iphone for commuting / urban cycling

I'm switching from an android phone to an iphone soon. I use the google maps bike directions all the time to figure out how to get to friend's houses, restaurants, bars and navigating around a new ...
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What should I look for when buying a smartphone handlebar mount?

I am not interested in a specific product recommendation in answer to this question (like the existing iPhone question), but rather the key attributes to consider when buying a smartphone mount. ...
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Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

I do a lot of road biking. I have a basic Catseye onboard computer for my speed and odometer. But I also use my iPhone to track and record my biking. I've tried a variety of iPhone apps, the best ones ...
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iPhone app to follow/navigate an imported .gpx

Is there an iPhone app that allows one to follow an imported .gpx track, in a car navigation-like way? The apps I found so far, like Trails, can only display the track on a map. What I am looking for ...
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iPhone 4 bike mount recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good bike mount for the iPhone 4? There seem to be a lot of reviews for the old models. Update: I'm mounting this on a Trek 1.5 Triple with Bontrager SSR VR bars. Update: I'...
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What is a good iPhone app for bikers? [closed]

There are tons that are out there for recording routes, and such. There's also the physical mounting. Is the iPhone actually good/useful for bikers?