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Human-powered vehicle propelled by a rider pushing off the ground with their leg, with or without electrical assist.

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Is a downhill scooter lighter than a downhill MTB with same performance?

I saw scooters for rent at some downhill MTB sites. I have never tried them, but I wonder anyway: is a scooter significantly lighter than a bicycle? I assume both are built for downhill riding, ...
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Why do many kick scooters have such small wheels?

Many kick scooters, including those for adults, have very small wheels: Source: Wikimedia Commons The wheels are much smaller than bicycle wheels. Some kick scooters have larger wheels, but those ...
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Ok to use RS bearings in a scooter instead of ZZ?

I need to replace the bearings on my (3-year-old daughter's) scooter. The bearings it came with are 608ZZ, where the ZZ indicates a steel shield. The bearings I'm seeing on amazon when I search for ...
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Commuting and recreation scooter with handlebar brake lever

I am looking for a commuting / recreation scooter but have no experience of using one. I am very familiar with riding a bike and using handlebar-mounted brake levers. My budget is sub-£100 (GBP) and ...
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How can I find replacement part for Mongoose scooter?

My daughter broke the quick release hinge bolt (I have no idea what to call it) on her Mongoose scooter. Where can I go to find a replacement part or at a minimum, what is it called?
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Plastic rims and brake pads

I have a pair of 16" plastic wheels on a scooter-bike that is slowly being refurbished. The brakes have been tweaked to remove slop, and I have fitted new cables and brake levers. The brake blocks ...
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