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Brooks B-17 isn't breaking in, how to accelerate the process?

I have two bikes with Brooks B-17 saddles on them: My full-frame touring bike: The saddle has a nice patina of age, having been used for several tours and some commuting. My Bike Friday Tikit ...
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1 answer

How do I maintain a Brooks leather saddle?

I've got a Brooks leather saddle and i like it a lot, but i am entirely clueless on how to care for it. I know i am supposed to rub some sort of fat on it, but i have no idea what kind of fat, or how ...
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Should one buy a used Brooks saddle that is already broken in?

I understand that Brooks saddles (and similar leather hammock/sling style saddles) break in as they are used so that they conform to the particular shape of a riders sit bones, crotch, etc., and that, ...
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How to lace up a mishapen brooks?

I have a brooks saddle that has bedded in, slightly out of alignment so that one side is lower than the other. I have heard that it is possible to 'lace up' the saddle in order to retain its shape? ...
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Why are some leather saddles laced at the bottom and should I do this to mine?

Some Leather saddles, such at the brooks b17 imperial have holes at the bottom for lacing. What does lacing a leather saddle do and should I (or when should I) do this to my own leather saddle? ...
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3 answers

What are working Proofide alternatives?

I bought a new Brooks flyer and applied the first layer of Proofide that came with the saddle. Considering the price of a full can of Proofide - and also because I am the kind of person who likes to ...
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Keeping a leather saddle in good condition

Is shoe polish a good or at least adequate solution for keeping a leather saddle in good condition? And/or better options?
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3 votes
2 answers

How do you protect the underside of your brooks leather saddle?

I'm new to leather saddles and I'm working on breaking mine in. I'm using a Brooks B17 Narrow. I use clip on fenders with my bike when the weather is bad. However, sometimes I get caught in the rain, ...
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2 answers

Do I need to protect my leather saddle from the sun?

Most questions about leather saddles seem to be about keeping them dry, but what about too dry? I just bought a new bike with a Brooks B-17. I've applied proofide and I will be getting a cover to ...
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Identify new gravel road bike from photo

This is a photo I came across earlier this year of a gravel bike that is gorgeous and I would love to know what brand it is. Hopefully it i identifiable. Thank you
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Pressure mapping a Brooks saddle [closed]

As part of a bike fit I had done recently I had my well broken in Brooks Team Pro Classic pressure mapped (via the GebioMized system). (A pressure mapping creates a 2-dimensional mapping of the ...
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