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Lefty refers to a front fork with only one prong, on the left side. This design was created by Cannondale.

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Generic "Lefty" single-sided fork and hub?

Is Cannondale's Lefty the only half/mono/single fork?
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Easy mounting brake calliper on a Lefty

So I have this second hand Canondale lefty MTB which I love very much. Rode it around home in the woods, but now I visit more and more events and I need to transport my bike by car to the event. ...
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What are the benefits of *rigid* lefty fork?

I know there is already a discussion about suspension lefty forks. However, that post completely avoids mentioning of their rigid counterparts which also can be found in the wild. Below is a couple ...
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Is it possible to increase travel on Cannondale Scalpel?

I have a 2014 Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 2. It's an amazing XC race bike but some courses are so gnarly that I'd love to have a bit more trail. The head tube angle is so steep. I would like to make it ...
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Pros and cons of single-sided forks (Cannondale Lefty)?

Looks like they save some weight, but how do they have a better strength/weight ratio than a traditional two legged fork? With the single-legged fork the fork and axle must resist huge bending all ...
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Cannondale Lefty DLR Ti Fork Rebuild/Maintenance

I have a mountain bike with a 2003 Cannondale Lefty DLR Ti fork. As I've been riding the bike this season, I've noticed that the fork is behaving strangely. It doesn't seem to lockout fully and it is ...
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