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Locks are used to secure bikes. Common varieties are cable/chain locks and U-locks (D-locks). If you're asking about suspension systems then use [tag:lockout] instead.

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Locking your bike in public areas

I recently saw a small clip about how to securely lock your bike. I was wondering what are your tips for minimizing the chances of getting your bike stolen. Here ...
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Best type of bike lock (materials, style, etc.)

I recently lost the keys to my lock and had to borrow a bolt cutter to free my bike. It was a bit of an eye opener to realise a) just how easy it was for the bolt cutters to cut through my D Lock (<...
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My key jammed in my U-lock. How can I unlock/break it?

I've been biking for 2 months now with my U-lock still on my bike, it sort of gets in the way of pedaling sometimes and I'm kinda tired of it. Does anyone know of any ways to get the remnants of the ...
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Ever seen a locking bag that could be locked to the bike?

This might take a little explaining. I've got stuff on my bike that removes easily and could be stolen: head light, tail light, cyclometer. If I'm riding to a concert or something, I don't want to ...
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New D-lock failed locked up

This doesn't appear to be a dupe of any of the stuck lock issues -- I've only been using the lock for 3 days and the key turns fine. It's an Abus Ultra 410 which locks at both ends and only one end ...
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Deterrents against partial (component) theft

Big question: Is there any way to increase the security of bolted on portions of a bicycle? Specifics: I cycle as my primary mode of transport (in East London) on a early 90s steel road bike with ...
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How to deal with lock that keeps jamming?

I have a kryptonite U lock and lately it's been sticking a lot while trying to turn the key. Usually I can eventually get the key turned. It was getting worse though and a few days ago I (unable to ...
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Onguard U-lock jammed

I'm currently trying to unlock my bike that has been sitting on my porch for a while, the key works and turns, and I can hear the lock engaging/disengaging, however I cannot get the shackle to come ...
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What's the most secure type of bike lock that costs less than $30?

I already have the cable cable kind with the combination lock. It just seems cheap and easy to break into. Is that sufficient or are the U shaped ones better?
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Parking a bike with wide tyres in a narrow bike rack

I park my bike at work in a rack like this: At the moment I have 26 x 1.9" knobbly tyres and the wheel just squeaks into the rack. However I'd like to replace these with 26 x 2" Schwalbe Marathons ...
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How do you lock up your bike trailer?

Many of us pull bike trailers - whether one-wheeled or two-wheeled -- cargo or kids. What is the best way to lock up trailers - especially when you're commuting? Most trailers come with a quick-...
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7 answers

Lock my bicycle on busy or quiet places?

When I lock my bicycle I try to lock it on quiet spots, usually on street racks situated on secondary streets. I think it will be less visible so it will attract less looks. On the other hand, if a ...
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Silencing a rattling u-lock

I'm not sure if they're all like this, but my u-lock is a bit loose between the two pieces, the U and the bar. The provided mount snaps very very tightly onto the U, leaving the bar to fend for itself,...
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What is the best bicycle lock on the market?

What is the best bicycle lock on the market, defined by: Best security Easiest usability when securing your bike Easiest method of transport Lightest without other compromises Edit: In addition, ...
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Lock for extremely frequent use

Are there lock products out there specifically designed for easy handling when locked unlocked dozens of times a day? I'm using a normal, chain-based lock at the moment and I'm annoyed because I'm ...
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3 answers

Can I copy my u-lock key?

I have an OnGuard u-lock with only one key. I contacted OnGuard about getting a backup, but it requires a serial number which was included with the original packaging. The number is not on the lock ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Installing a lock mount on a carbon fiber frame

Let's ignore the question, for a moment, of should I install a lock mount on my new TCR Advanced. But assume that I want to. Given that the frame is carbon fiber, should I be worried about the ...
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Lighter bicycle locks not made of steel

Nowadays there are so many different high-tech materials, so I wonder if there is a suitable material for bicycle locks that would be much less heavy than hardened steel. If there isn't one, can ...
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U-lock stuck on a bike

Some time ago, I stuck a U-lock on my bicycle for safe keeping, on the top tube below the seat. It's annoying when riding, and I'd like a way to remove it. I've lost the key some time ago, or I would ...
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Where to park a bike during a year for free ? (in the Netherlands?)

We are two French in love with the Dutch people and culture. Each time we have the time we rush there. Rather than hitchhiking (as we used to), we plan to travel across the Netherlands by bike as it ...
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Are there electronic/active theft deterrents for bicycles?

In addition to mechanical/passive deterrents (locks, chains, etc.), what electronic/active bicycle theft deterrents exist? * My dear bicycle was stolen two weeks ago and I then vowed to dedicate my ...
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Is it normal that the Abus Bordo folding lock rattles?

I have the latest Abus Bordo Granite X-Plus 6500 folding lock: It is cased inside a rubberized pouch that attaches to one of the bottle-cage locations: Very convenient, but sadly, it rattles while ...
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Is it OK to bunnyhop on a Kona/Fastrax AF2 while in Lockout Mode?

I recently got a Kona Tanuki 2012 bike that sports a Kona/Fastrax AF2 Rear Shock. Sometimes while on the road I miss bunnyhopping over things. Is it wise to lockout the Kona/Fastrax AF2 Rear Shock ...
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My bike key is broken off inside the lock

My bike key is broken off inside the lock, I already remove the key from the lock but I have no backup key to unlock it. It is a very ordinary key, just like this: Is there any way to unlock my bike?...
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Are modern frame locks "safe"?

In the older days I remember that frame locks were soldered onto the frame, but today they seem to be just screwed onto it (example film of installation can be found here). Doesn't this open for the ...
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How can I avoid tearing the valve loose from an inner tube with a wheel lock?

The problem It sounds foolish, but I have too often torn the valve loose from the inner tube by rotating the wheel so that the valve is pressed against a closed wheel lock. Wheel locks are common in ...
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