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Lockouts are systems that temporarily disable suspension. If you mean locks for securing your bike then use [tag:lock] instead.

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How to find replacement lockout cartridge for Marzocchi MZ Race 2006 fork?

I want to replace broken Suntour cartidge for my Marzocchi MZ Race 100mm 2006 fork. It became very soft and lockout doesn't work. But there is no model or serial number marking on the cartridge itself....
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Most likely reason for a stuck lockout

My old RST First Air 100 Lockout (year 2010) fork has had a stuck lockout for some time. This fork has never been serviced so it is probably just damaged beyond repaired, but I am just researching if ...
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How can I remove my remote lockout on my front suspension fork?

I have a trek dual sport 4 and I always keep the front fork unlocked. Can I remove the remote lockout? I somehow invariably hit the switch and find out next I take an impact with being and old guy ...
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Looking for a good mountain bike for my daugher. Want disc brakes and Fork lockout [closed]

My daughter is a teenager and we love going biking, either on trails or during camping trips. We are not hard core bikers, but she is ready for a bike upgrade as she is using a 20" wheel bike ...
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My front suspension keeps auto locking, brand new bike. Bike shops useless right now

I bought a Daymak Wildgoose electric fatbike bicycle. It has Forgo Zoom front suspension which I know is a lower end shock. Since riding away from the store when I unlock the suspension and hit any ...
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Swapping Rockshox TwistLoc lockout to trigger lockout

I have a Trek Top Fuel 8 with a Rockshox TwistLoc lockout system. Can I switch it for a trigger lockout?
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Are Suntour XCM30 forks adjustable with lockout?

I have a couple of issues I could do with some answers, I hope you don't mind me asking all in one go. I have a Carrera 29er that came with Suntour XCM30 Forks, the store that sold it has the ...
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Stiff, hard to use poplock, rockshox recon silver

My bike is equipped with front suspension Rockshox Recon Silver with PopLock remote lock. The use of that control is VERY stiff and HARD to lock (very easy to unlock though). Every time I need to ...
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Do kits that allow me to add lockout to my shock exist?

I have a (within last year) rockshox Deluxe R rear shock on my bike, on some hills I would like the added stiffness of a locked out shock. Do upgrade kits to add lockout exist or would I need to buy ...
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Commencal META AM v4.2

I'm looking to purchase this bike, I'd like to know if it has lockout suspension but I can't seem to find it on the SPECS section. Is there something that I'm missing?
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Lockout Lego on after going down a flight of stairs

I recently was biking on some roads with my Specialized Pitch Sport 2015 MTB when I found a dirt trail, and forgot to shut off my lockout. I did a bit of hopping on my suspension, but the path was ...
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