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Shigura - Can i use a Shimano XT Lever on A Magura HS33 Hydraulic Rim Brakes

Good day to Everyone, My Magura HS33 Lever on my ZHI Z3R trials bike broke, and i was wondering if i could replace it with a Shimano Deore XT BL-M775, as i have it stocked on my parts bin. And if i ...
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Magura brake pad change: friction noise?

After replacing my worn-out Magura brake pads (MT4 brakes, 7P brake pads), I now have a continous light friction noise when the wheel is spinning (front wheel). The brake disc is brand new as well. ...
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Immense difficulties bleeding a shigura setup

I set up a shigura system with BL-M8000 levers, MT5 and MT4 Callipers and Magura hoses and shimano parts on the lever end. But I couldn't get even a decent bleed on them. I tried a couple of ...
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Magura mt5- non stop micro bubbles coming out while bleeding

I have a problem bleeding my Magura MT5 brakes. I used two 50-ml syringes and the EZ MTB bleed kit. I pushed fluid from the syringe attached to the caliper to the top (at the lever) and back again. I ...
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Atomized bubbles while following Park process to bleed Magura MT5

I have the Park tool mineral oil bleeding kit (BKM-1), and followed their instructions for bleeding my MT5 calipers. I ended up with soft/useless brake caliper. I think maybe I introduced air into ...
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Removing Magura HS11 rim brake (hydraulic) without quick release lever

My previous Magura HS11 hydraulic rim brakes had q/r levers, but my latest (s/h) Gazelle does not. Which bolt do I remove to remove the brake from the fork to remove/replace the wheel and/or the brake ...
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Hydraulic rim brake with racing bike levers

I came across the picture below which claims to show racing bike levers of a Magura hydraulic rim brake (source). According to the source website the displayed break levers belong to Magura HS77. I ...
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Are Magura HS33e levers compatible with HS22 brakes?

I plan to convert a bike with Magura HS22 hydraulic brakes to electric. Thus I would like to replace the brake lever by one having the controller output to stop the motor while braking. From my ...
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Bleed port diameter on Magura HS 11 rim brakes?

Although the bike is barely six months old and the brake pads are very far from worn, I find the HS11 brakes a bit soft/spongy: I like the brakes to work with a short run. Tightening the adjustment ...
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