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Where can I find local bike routes?

Where are the best places to find bike maps with local routes and trails? Places I typically reference when searching for this includes: Most local bike shops (LBS) have local maps available or for ...
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Map during touring?

Do you attach your map to the bike or have some sort of desktop or how do you maintain your map during touring? You surely need some sort of cover but if you have how do you attach it to your bike or ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Submitting road data to Google

I have really enjoyed Google Maps cycling directions but find it lacking a lot where I live. I really want to update the maps with new/better information but I don't know the what, how, or where. ...
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Do I have to simply wait for google maps to add cycling directions to my area? Or can I help?

Related to this question about submitting road data to google maps. I'm curious to know if there is any way to get Google started on cycling data in my city. There are a lot of cyclists in my city, ...
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Can Garmin Edge 500/510 and 800/810 be charged while riding?

Extended battery life is very neccesary for using the device on long brevets and multi-day endurance racing. Can Garmin Edge cycling GPS units 500/510 and 800/810 be charged while riding via external ...
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What map / navigation / bike direction apps are available for the iphone for commuting / urban cycling

I'm switching from an android phone to an iphone soon. I use the google maps bike directions all the time to figure out how to get to friend's houses, restaurants, bars and navigating around a new ...
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bike routes around san francisco?

I'm fairly new to San Francisco. I've taken up biking the last few months while I have been here, and I want to do a variety of rides around the city. I am having no trouble making up my own, but I ...
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