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glassed mounted permanent mirror

As it is time for a new pair of glasses, I am once again searching for a frame that has a permanently mounted mirror and will accept prescription lenses. Has anyone seen such a thing?
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Why should little kids not have back mirrors on their bicycles?

In a paper from the mid-1980s, there is a kind of PSA box listing some things that small children should NOT have on their bicycle. Most of them make sense, but there's one that confuses me: "...
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Brake hood mirror for Specialized bicycle

Are there any brake hood mirrors available that will fit the Tiagra shifters on my Specialized bicycle? I can't tell exactly what model they are; but, they say "Tiagra Double" on the front. ...
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How can I prevent theft of mirrors?

I want to know to permanently fix back view mirrors. Last night, somebody stole them. Please tell me any solution.
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7 answers

Mirrors on both bars

Is there conventional wisdom why bikers don't use mirrors on both handlebars in the same way as exist on a motorcycle or moped? Having both mirrors would seem to provide much better coverage which ...
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Mount mirror to front rack

I have a large front rack that is 17 inches wide. Is it possible to attach bike mirrors to the back side of the rack that extends to the right and left of the bike?
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Third eye helmet mounter mirror swivels too much

I've got a "third eye" type bike mirror attached to my helmet. It has two points of articulation: one near where it mounts to the helmet, which controls how far it swings up, and the other near the ...
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Periscope style mirrors for road bike [closed]

I just got this bike, and put it in the classic "aggressive position". I also ran out and bought spandex. I was just wondering if there are periscope style mirrors I can fasten to the down tube so ...
6 votes
3 answers

Are there front looking mirror options?

I have the standard drop handlebars on my road bike. When I'm in the lower position, my head is pointing down so my eyes are looking at the road and my front tire. Looking forward requires me to tilt ...
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Sun protective clothing interfering with bike mirror

I have had a "third eye" type bike mirror on my helmet for years. However, recently I have learned of some genetic predisposition to certain types of skin cancer which affect the skin on ...
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4 answers

What are my options for cycling mirrors?

What options are available in terms of types of cycling mirrors? Where all can I mount them and what are the advantages and disadvantages to each?
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How safe are helmet- or glasses-mounted mirrors?

I am wanting to get a mirror for my bicycle, but the obvious mount points are already occupied (bar-end shifters, aero brake levers). There is some appeal to the Take A Look or a helmet-mounted ...
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Where should I mount a mirror?

What do you recommend as an optimal point and orientation for mounting a rear-view mirror? I'm open to handlebar-, glasses-, or helmet-mounted. Some of the considerations, as I understand it, are: ...
19 votes
13 answers

Why should I use a mirror?

In a comment to an answer about helmet replacement mention was made of a mirror and perhaps suggesting that a helmet was merely a good place to mount a mirror. I, hopefully humorously, suggested that ...
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