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From the French for "mixed", a step-through bicycle where the frame's top tube consists of two small, parallel tubes that start at the head tube and join the seatstay and chainstay at the dropouts. Occasionally incorrectly used as a synonym for any kind of step-through frame.

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4 votes
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Does anyone know what bike it is?

I received such a bike: Mallatte Sport on a mixed frame from 1987. Does anyone know the country of origin and manufacturer of the bike.
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Measuring chainline without cranks?

I just bought a 1970s Peugeot Mixte UE-18 for $10 at my local bike co-op. It's in great shape, but is missing the bottom bracket and cranks. I'd like to upgrade to a cotterless crankset. However, I ...
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Is this a real vintage Bianchi Strada?

I'm contemplating whether or not to buy a Bianchi vintage mixte bike. I was told that it's a 1986 Bianch Strada but I have never seen a serial number like this: 51027563 (all numbers no letters). ...
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Help identify this mixte

A mixte frame with bcn stamped on front, 224 stamped on bottom of frame, Mafac racer brake calipers, Simplex shifters, Suntour derailleuers and hubs, Weinmann brake levers.
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8 votes
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How to carry a step-through/mixte bike

How can one carry a bike with a step-through/mixte frame effectively?-- In comparison, any diamond-frame bike is a breeze for me to shoulder regardless of weight (okay, carrying a 25+-kg roadster is ...
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Peugeot rear brake location

I have a 1985 Peugeot P16 (mixte). The Weinmann 730 sidepull rear brake was located at the seatstay bridge. Q: Is it safe to relocate it to the gusset plate located behind the seat tube and attached ...
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Modern Retro-design (Peugout-mixte) bicycle for girlfriend

My girlfriend would like to buy a bicycle, though, she's marveled about these old Peugout Mixte bicycles. These seem to be very hard to find. So, I am wondering if there can be found any modern ...
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What's the definition of a Mixte?

What makes a mixte frame? Further, what's the etymology of 'mixte'?
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