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Questions tagged [motor]

Anything about motorising bikes, with refit kits or as-new. Electric and petrol are the two most common fuels.

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Motor makes a very strong grinding noise under specific conditions

I recently bought an EUENI FXH009, very affordable chinese ebike. I'm very happy with it, it's very nice for the price but there seems to be some kind of problem with the motor. When accelerating ...
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Motor sometimes not engaging on a moustach lundi 27.5 with bosch performance line motor

The issue I'm encountering sounds similar to Riese Muller with Bosch performance CX not engaging immediately - but may be slightly different. In a little more detail: The bike usually starts fine, but ...
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My rear dropout notch is 12 mm (roughly 1/2"), am I correct in thinking a 3000 watt rear hub motor axle won't fit?

The bike is a Seattle Micargi stretch The rear dropout width is roughly 180mm and the rear axle dropout notch was widened to 12-13 mm to accept a thru axle rim with a 12 mm axle. With the notch being ...
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Can I switch my bike from 28" tires to 26" tires if I am replacing everything?

I am completely stripping my hybrid 28" tire bike. I'm replacing the crank, the rims, and tires. I'm converting it to disc brakes and installing a 4-stroke motor. Am I going to run into problems?
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Choosing a battery for my motor/controller

I'll keep this concise. While I'm pretty overwhelmed with all the reading I've been doing, I believe I'm close to making a decision and need a sanity check on the following: I purchased a Bafang ...
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I have a e bike tricycle. Its butchered. I need a wiring diagram

So I found a Segway trike at the dump. It's all there but it looks like some body tried to turn it into a 48 volt system and I do believe that it was originally a 36volt. My next suspicion is that ...
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I have a still boxed Viribus 26" rear-wheel ebike kit - I'd like to remove its pre-fitted gear cogs and fit wheel with motor to front forks instead

...the Viribus kit's motor(kit bought via Amazon) is of the slim but wide-diameter kind. My eyes and calipers suggest to me that if the gear cogs are removed the motorised rear wheel axle should quite ...
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E-bike motor stopping momentarily during steep climbs

I have a Batavus Zonar 2020 e-bike, Yamaha motor, 10 gear cassette, 5500km of use. Recently the motor has stopped working momentarily during very steep climbs - it just shuts off for a second then ...
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Carrera impel IS1 scooter

customer brought in carrera impel IS1 scooter and its pretty new. Max speed should be 15.5mph at the moment it goes just under 10mph. New motor, new ECU been fitted. Is it something to do with the ...
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Tricycle conversion kit for 24 inch yita home tricycle

What all do I need to buy? Couldn't afford expensive electric kit.what is a good petrol gas kit? From
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Which mid drive motors use the same frame interface?

One concern with mid drive e-bikes is that if the motor breaks in ten years, probably there is no exact replacement available. But do the manufacturers keep the same interface for their different ...
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Opening up a geared hub motor

I have a 10 year old eWind Classic, and the hub motor makes horrible noises when under high load. It used to be silent. So I want to replace the planetary gears and bearings. Printed on the hub motor ...
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Front hub motor makes clacking noise only when nut tightened

I have a Bafang SWXK2 e-bike front hub motor. It has been use for 7 years, about 10 000 km ridden and has worked well so far. But now it is making a clacking noise. Symptoms: Clacking noise ...
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What characterizes a future-proof ebike drive system?

Ebikes had their origins in modular drive systems that were assembled by enthusiasts and specialty companies choosing their own motors, batteries, battery controllers, motor controllers, and displays. ...
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Electric bicycle frequently stops working when slope is too high. Cannot find notice

I use my mom's no-name electric bicycle for my daily commute. It is only 3-4 kilometers but there is a big slope. The bicycle's brand and model is Opus E-MOTION, but I cannot find anything online ...
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Can the e bicycle motor be damaged on full throttle with wheel locked

I have a hub motor 250w e bicycle with a 7.8 mah 36v battery ( This ecycle has both pedal-assist and a throttle. Using it for school commute and will be ...
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Can the Grin Technology phaserunner series be used in total headless mode? (No display, POS sensor or torque sensor, bluetooth & throttle only)

One of my old e-bike has a broken component and is subjected to upgrade, as most of the vendors have either disappeared or declare the component as end-of-lifecycle. I'm considering Grin PhaseRunner ...
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Nut on back axle

I have a motor kit for my beach cruiser, but I can't take the brake lever off to install the sprocket on the left side of the axle. The wheel is off the bike, but I can't budge the nut holding the ...
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I bought a brand new 26” Seachange beach cruiser that only has the brake in back tire rim when pushing pedals backwards! I am putting a motor kit on [closed]

As I started this project first thing I needed to do was pull the back tire off, remove the brake arm from the rim to be able to put the wheel for the motor chain on! Ok I was able to do said process ...
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How to make coaster brake work backwards, or disable?

I'm installing 49cc engine on kids' 20 inch bike. Chain on engine located to the left, so I flipped the wheel and need to make it work. Brake are coaster. I will install both rear and front hand ...
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Is it possible to install a gas engine kit on the bike's existing speeds?

Such as with electric assistance. I'd like to install a gasoline engine kit (because electric ones are wildly expensive) on my bicycle, without the sprocket: I want to attach it to the existing ...
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DIY chainsaw powered bicycle [closed]

Does anyone have any plans on how to build a chainsaw powered bicycle? I've referenced instructables and YouTube but everything is so vague it doesn't really give me any sort of ideas as what I ...
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Motorising a bicycle.

Can anyone advise on the best way to motorise a bicycle apart from electric motors? I think I would like to fit a small two stroke engine.
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What are the advantages of a building an electric bike from a kit vs. prebuilt

I'm trying to decide on what would be the best option for me for my first electric bike. I need a way to get around, and as I live on a hill where I will have to manage a fairly steep incline coming ...
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Making bicycle semi-motor powered

Is there any way that I could easily and affordably (under $US200) add a motor to my bicycle, so that it would move both by my pedalling and with the help of the motor?
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What's best engine to motorize a road bike

I have a road bike I use for commuting and I'm about to move 20km further out, so I'm considering fitting a tiny engine to it to assist my ride to work. However, where I live I have a restriction - ...
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