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Imported time-lapse from bike ride does not sync with G-Metrix data in VIRB Edit [closed]

I have imported a time-lapse (1 frame/sec resolution) video from my GoPro Hero4 into VIRB Edit. It's from a 96 minute bike ride, which shows up as a 4 minute video. When I import G-Metrix (GPX) data ...
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Please help me find the brand of bike on the pictures

Saw him in the movie "Greta", but I can't recognise what brand it is(
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What model of bike does Jock use in the film Young Offenders

Its the guy on the left / red bike if you have not seen the film. For that matter any of the bikes jack uses in the film would be good to know. White Bike Black Bike Yellow Bike More bikes
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What model of bike does Alicia Vikander use in Tomb Raider (2018)?

Does anyone recognise this model of bike? It has some stickers/decals with fictional logos, but I couldn't find any brands/marks on the bike itself (more images): Note: The fox tail and paint can are ...
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Does the fox hunt game exist professionally?

I've just recently seen the new Tomb Raider movie and during the start of it, Lara is working as a cycle courier. Some members of it want to run a game called fox hunt, where you can win money if you ...
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What are some good films about cycling?

Can you recommend high quality cycling-centric films? Can you recommend good sources (for example, publishers, distributors, vendors, etc.) to locate these films?