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A multi-tool is a portable hand tool that includes multiple individual functions.

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What tool do I need to use for this specific Crankset (picture) FSA M17 38-41 Nm from Giant TOUGHROAD SLR 2

I am having a problem with loose tightness of the Crankset (picture) and have no clue what type of tools do I need to deal with the problem. Any advice including the steps how to tighten it ...
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19 votes
6 answers

What tools on a multi-tool do I actually need?

I feel like there are almost as many bike multi-tools out there as there are bikers. In a single trip to REI, I found nine different bike tools each ranging from only four to over thirty individual ...
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13 votes
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Separate hex keys vs. combined multi-tool for bike adjustments?

Are separate hex (Allen) keys better than a multi-tool for adjusting and maintaining a bike at home? Some of the separated sets also have ball-ends for the 4/5/6mm keys: Apart from Torx T25 screws ...
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