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Muscle fatigue and tightness 3 days after the ride

I'm riding a 26" MTB on tarmac roads once or twice a week. The rides are performed on a flat road around 40 kms. I take it slowly and don't push myself on the bike too much because of the ...
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Is it possible to stretch your triceps without stopping or riding hands-free?

The other day I got the beginnings of cramp in my left tricep putting a gel wrapper in my back jersey pocket, and it really wanted a stretch. This happens every now and then, especially when it's ...
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I bought my first road bike, and it hurts my back and hands

I bought my first road bike (from a MTB) about a 2 weeks ago, and I’ve given it 200 kms so far. However, I’ve been experiencing lower back pain and weight on my hands that slowly creep up (sometimes ...
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What adjustments can you do to prevent psoas tightness in an aggresive postion on a road or track bike?

I have been paying attention to my own body and I feel that together with a sedentary job and not moving more than with the bike due to the COVID restrictions, I spend a lot of time in that shortened ...
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Fixing leg position while turning

I've recently landed on asphalt because I've met the ground with the left pedal when turning left... It was painful, but no visible damage to me or bike... The problem is, that my natural position ...
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Pushing it to my max on a 7% 2kft climb. I'm cardio limited, but legs never hurt. How do I push it harder?

I have a climb by my house that is about 2,000 ft over 5mi (610 metres in 8 km or 7.6% grade). I ride it a least once a week and I've got a ton faster (at 35min right now). Recently my legs stopped ...
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Which exercises a cyclist should do before/after any ride?

Any exercise that can help the muscles to have more optimism while riding, or relief sore on muscle. I also accept any special massage.
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How do I increase my cycling duration or distance limits?

I am a student thus hardly get time to go on tours or hiking! In an average I cycle around 6-10 km per day but in holiday times I go for a trip around the city on my MTB for around 100km ride and ...
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Muscles sore and ridicously stiff after riding

After buying my first bike I've probably not missed a single day without sitting on the bike. I've been probably riding 10km per day after being somewhat out of shape. Over the days I've noticed ...
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Best kind of bicycle for lower back issues?

I've ridden bikes all my life. Now nearing 50, for the past year or two I've noticed that when I ride over 20km or so, my lower back gets extremely painful - enough to make it not possible to ride. ...
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Pain in my front shoulder muscle - suggestions? (Hybrid cycle)

I ride a hybrid cycle to/from work each day (10 km / 6 US miles each way). The handle bars are flat, and I ride with my thumbs gripped around the handle and 2 fingers close to or over the brakes (I ...
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How long for legs to get used to fixed gear 15 mile daily ride

Due to a car accident and the extended time insurance has taken to get my car handled, I pulled my fixie out of the garage and started riding it to my university mon-fri; it's about a 15 mile round ...
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quads feel over used while in an aero position

I typically ride on the hoods, but I've been working lately on a more aero position. When in the drops or using clip-on aero bars I find that my quads get fatigued much more than when I'm in a normal ...
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Is there a reason why one's calfs would ache on a Turbo or Spinner, but not when riding on the road?

I'm not on my own on this one as at least two other people in my Spinning class suffer the same: when Spinning or on the Turbo Trainer, I can feel pressure on my calf muscles after a bit of time (...
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How do I prevent neck and back pain, and recover physically/mentally on a multi-day ride?

I'm nervous about the ride and looking for some motivation, support and answers to a couple of questions. I'm a 53 year old female and I've done 75, 80 and 100 miles before but never a two day ride ...
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Muscle spasms while riding?

I've ridden 90 KM (and at reasonable speeds - 30+ KM/h) without issues, but rode my first Gran Fondo (140 KM) and experienced various spasms while riding. There were aid stations with food so I ate ...
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