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Finding a cycleable route from where you are to where you're going: maybe the most efficient route for a mile-long journey in town; maybe a tour across Europe.

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Finding Elevation Change, any method

So, I think it'd be cool - for goal setting for example - if I could keep track of my elevation change. The problem is, the local cyclocomputers I looked at seem to use barometric pressure to ...
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Repurpose old android phone (without cell phone plan) as cycle computer with GPS tracking?

I upgraded my cell phone and now have a Droid X2 without cell service that I'm not using for anything. Can I utilize my old Droid X2 phone (or any android phone without a cell phone plan) as a basic ...
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Can Garmin Edge 500/510 and 800/810 be charged while riding?

Extended battery life is very neccesary for using the device on long brevets and multi-day endurance racing. Can Garmin Edge cycling GPS units 500/510 and 800/810 be charged while riding via external ...
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What map / navigation / bike direction apps are available for the iphone for commuting / urban cycling

I'm switching from an android phone to an iphone soon. I use the google maps bike directions all the time to figure out how to get to friend's houses, restaurants, bars and navigating around a new ...
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