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Shimano Nexus is a line of components designed around internally-geared hubs.

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Shimano Nexus 3 (SG-3C41) 2 and 3 gear problem - Ring Gear Unit Repair

I have this internal gear hub and i try to fix it. 1st gear is ok. On 2nd and 3rd gear, especially when I run faster, the hub is not engaging properly, missing engagement sometimes. It is not problem ...
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Shimano Nexus with shift levers

Shimano Nexus usually comes with a twist shifts. Is it possible to also use shift levers with Nexus? Which ones? More concretely, Shimano Nexus C6000 Revoshift (8s) (hub) and Shimano Alfine 7000 (8s) ...
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Shimano Nexus 3 coaster brake screeching sound

When I brake hard/er with my Shimano Nexus 3 coaster brake it makes a loud screeching sound. Like really loud, everybody on the street would hear it and turn around. Since I know it's all internal all ...
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The crank arm slips when pressing hard on pedals with Shimano Nexus

I have replaced my wheels with a Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal gear hub set but I may have had the problem before the change. When I push down relatively hard on the crank arm for example starting ...
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