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Shimano Nexus is a line of components designed around internally-geared hubs.

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Alternative to 5-speed twist shifter for Shimano Nexus 5-speed IGH?

I'm going to buy a SG-C7000-5D / SG-C7050-5D and don't want to use the twist shifter. Unfortunately there aren't many 5-speed flat bar shifters around theses days. I've searched for alfine shifters, ...
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Rear hub is sticky and clacking when backpadeling

I'm having trouble with my Nexus 8 Hub. It started to feel strange recently after a tour. I got help by someone in a free bicycle garage. We opened up the hub, gave it an oil bath and greased all the ...
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Does (or has in the past) an adaptor existed to mount a disc rotor to a Shimano Rollerbrake type hub?

I have acquired a Nexus 8speed rear hub. It’s a good one and I’d love to use it. However, it has been set up to use rim brakes and under the plastic cover is the interface to mount a rollerbrake. Does ...
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Shimano Nexus 3 coaster brake screeching sound

When I brake hard/er with my Shimano Nexus 3 coaster brake it makes a loud screeching sound. Like really loud, everybody on the street would hear it and turn around. Since I know it's all internal all ...
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Nexus 3 Speed Hub Up Steeper Hills Turns Weird

I have a Linus Roadster Sport that has a Nexus 3 speed hub on it. It shifts gears just fine but I noticed recently that when I have it in first gear to go up a somewhat steep hill, the pedals turn ...
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Internal gear hub - missing parts

I've recently bought a wheel with Shimano Nexus SG-C3001-7R hub. There are some parts missing on it, including sprocket: I already have the compatible shifter (SL-7S50), but it ends with just bare ...
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Why does my Shimano Nexus 8i need readjustment after every gear shift?

Since a month or two, almost every time I change gear my Shimano Nexus 8i becomes "unadjusted". I have readjusted it dozens of time but the problem persists. The gear is really easy to ...
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