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How to tell if this light's bulb is blown? And what kind of light is it?

See photo. Is this a normal LED? I'm trying to troubleshoot it and can't tell if the bulb\diode is fine.
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Bright Bike DIY Kits [closed]

I've seen Bright Bike DIY kits suggested as a great way to make yourself visible at night - does anyone know where these can be bought in the UK? Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks
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Polite way to ride in the dark

Sometimes I ride in the park which has no light. There always are dog walkers, runners and other cyclists. So, when I ride towards someone I have two options: dim my light and slow down (since I can'...
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Are MIPS helmets compatible with helmet mount lights or cameras?

I've been looking to buy a new mountain bike helmet. New helmets are touting the potential benefits of MIPS slip plane technology. However, I tend to do a lot of night riding and mount lights on both ...
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Are collisions with animals something to be worried about when cycling in the country?

I know that driving at dusk in wooded or otherwise open areas greatly increses your risk of collision with an animal, whether that is a deer or other wildlife. I would like to know if when cycling at ...
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I got glow-in-the-dark tape. Where do I place it?

Would I be able to use glow-in-the-dark duct tape to help illuminate a bike at night? I already ride with forward and rear lights.
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Bike lights with beam cut-off to avoid dazzling drivers?

Are there any bike headlights available that have a cut-off similar to a car's low beams, designed to avoid glare for other drivers? I am using the Light in Motion Urban 400 and while it's plenty ...
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How to avoid running over animals whilst cycling on a canal at night?

I commute on a towpath in Hertfordshire, England and there is ample amount of wildlife about. During the day it's fine, I can see ducks, squirrels and rabbits in time and slow down if I need to. ...
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What percentage of bike vs. car accidents at night could be avoided by good side visibility?

I'm trying to assess how important side visibility is at night on a bike.
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What should I be looking for when buying reflective lights for night riding?

I would like to buy some reflective tape to stick on my wheels and to my frame to increase visibility at night. From a look on ebay, it seems there's a variety of different types of reflective tapes ...
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Reflective tape instead of rear reflector, in Australia

I currently have not enough room on my seat post for a saddle bag, rear reflector and a rear light. My question is if replacing the rear reflector with reflective tape on the saddle bag would be ...
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Recommendations for bike headlight.....possibly running on AA batteries? [closed]

I realise this question has been asked before, but as far as I can tell the last time was over a year ago, so I thought it might be worth asking again in the light maybe of newer products being on the ...
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