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What is an "unreasonably short leave-pass"?

I'm reading "unwritten rules for calling a ride" and #4 mentions something about "unreasonably short leave-passes". What does that mean?
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How to start a grassroots DH race?

I'd like to start a DH race at my local ski hill (which has a few DH trails) and I'd like to know how to setup the following: Registration Practice/Qualis/Race runs Timing/Results I realize this is ...
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What's a safer alternative to a flag for marking special bikes?

Every year I marshal a family ride organized by my local cycling campaign. As it's targeted at people who don't cycle long distances, the main job of the marshals is to offer help to people with ...
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Cycling communities organized rides in Leipzig , Germany

in my country Dudes usually gather and make some Cycling groups , they usually organize rides during weekends periodically. i'm planning to spend some time in Leipzig, Germany this summer and i know ...
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How do I prevent neck and back pain, and recover physically/mentally on a multi-day ride?

I'm nervous about the ride and looking for some motivation, support and answers to a couple of questions. I'm a 53 year old female and I've done 75, 80 and 100 miles before but never a two day ride ...
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What's the difference between a Gran Fondo and an Étape?

I guess you can include Century in the list too. Are they all just long rides or are they races? Do they have to be for time, or just fun? Some seem to be for charity.
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Why participate in an organized century ride when I can ride the route on my own?

I have never ridden a century ride before. This June, a friend and I plan to ride our first: The Montauk Century Ride. But I'm wondering, why should we commit to paying $100+ to ride this route in ...
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What are the most highly attended US & International charity bicycle rides? [closed]

Yep, it's all right there in the title. Thx!
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Tips for participating in a large organized ride

Organized rides are popular and seem to be increasing in popularity around the world. The rides are usually charity and fundraising rides, and are generally supported in some fashion. Typically, the ...
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Outstanding Organized Rides

As an annual rite, I typically ride in one or more organized centuries and other organized rides. All of those rides usually have a name that exemplify the ride in some way. For example "The Chilly ...